Rotor Riot Game Controller Review

Game controllers for both IOS and Android phones have been around for some time, however pretty much all of them have been complete let downs and are always lacking when it comes to latency. This is especially prominent on controllers that use Bluetooth. All of the ones I have used up until now haven’t had the capability to click in the analog sticks which makes some functions for certain games unable to work.

The Rotor Riot controller is the best MFi (made for iPhone) controller I have ever used hands down. The controller itself is like a mix between an xbox one controller and a DualShock controller but functions solely to play games on your phone. The feel of the Rotor Riot is much better than the other MFi controllers I’ve used in the past, it doesn’t feel like it’s made of cheap plastic that could be broken if you dropped it.

The controller also comes with a mount for your phone that you can screw on and off the controller whenever you are finished with it and want to take it with you. It also has its own case making it even more convenient to carry around however I still feel it’s a bit tedious having to put on the phone mount and take it off whenever I want to put it away or use it. You also can’t change the angle of the mount which is a little annoying. Overall though even when your phone is attached to the mount, and plugged into the Rotor Riot it’s still lighter than console controllers.

The Rotor Riot controller has a lightning cable that plugs directly into the phone making sure there’s much less latency issues than there is with Bluetooth MFi controllers. The cable is 25 inches I think it’s a bit too long just to plug into the phone while it’s on the mount however you can use the controller without the phone mount at all, this could be great if you’ve got another mount for your phone so you can utilise the length of the cable. As the cable plugs directly into the phone you can’t charge your phone while playing with the Rotor Riot making battery draining games a pain unless your phone is fully charged before hand. As it’s made for iOS systems it’s also able to be used on an iPad this is great for those who would prefer to play games on their iOS system but have an android phone.

As for the performance of the Rotor Riot it’s perfect, the buttons respond beautifully and actually do what I want to unlike the other MFi controllers I’ve used in the past. From fortnite to minecraft to hyper light drifter all three of these games work wonderfully with the Rotor Riot and it makes gaming on my iPhone much more enjoyable it allows more precise movements and makes it much more comfortable to play games for much longer.

Whenever you plug in your Rotor Riot controller it asks for permission to pair to your phone but the first time you plug it into your phone it asks you for permission to pair the controller, download the affiliated app Ludu Mapp then it also asks you to download the updated firmware for the Rotor Riot. The Ludu Mapp app is great, it gives you recommendations for games that are supported with the controller so you don’t have to wade your way through the App Store looking for games that work with the Rotor Riot. It also houses the apps that allow you to stream games from your steam account, xbox or PlayStation directly to your phone so you can play the games on your console whenever wherever as long as you are connected to the same WiFi and the selected console or pc is on. This allows you to be in the comfort of wherever you want to be in your home and play any game that you own this is also great for those who share a living room and if people want to watch tv they can while you play your games using the Rotor Riot.

Without the function of being able to click the analog sticks I think the Rotor Riot would be a flop, but as it has this function, and is such an incredible product, the more that gaming on phones is refined the overall reach will become greater for gaming as a whole, allowing people with less time to be able to pull out their portable controller to play whatever they please. It is something I’m going to look forward to especially with the xcloud that was announced back in 2018. With the GeForce Now and Stadia Services the idea of portable but great gaming seems closer than ever now with the release of the Rotor Riot and what this means for the gaming industry as a whole is yet to be seen.

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Overall 8.5
Rotor Riot Game Controller

Even if you had just bought the Rotor Riot with the intention of only using it for playing games on your phone it is more than worth it, it’s incredibly responsive, good quality and is definitely the most reliable MFi controller on the market. However with it’s great functionality and capability of letting you stream literally any game you have to your phone to play it as long as it’s able to be played with a controller and your internet is solid you are good to go.

  • Build quality
  • Responsive
  • Includes L3 & R3
  • No phone mount adjustment

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