RUINER Savage Update Coming Soon

Developer Reikon Games have released a free update to their critically-acclaimed shooter RUINER that includes the brutal New Game+ and Speedrun modes alongside new weapons, outfits, and all-new finishing moves. The update is available now on Steam and soon to Xbox One and PS4.

RUINER’s new Savage Update includes several heart-pounding new additions for seasoned killers and gameplay tweaks for a more approachable RUINER for new citizens of Rengkok. The New Game+ mode ratchets up the intensity with a stroll through RUINER that will challenge even the best player, while the new Speedrun mode adds in online leaderboards while removing everything but the action – pure combat as fast as possible.

The new update also includes ten new weapons to bring into battle alongside the new RUINER Kills that add in violent crescendos to complete your kills with stylish gore. New RUINER outfits complete the fresh look, allowing players to change their player model as well. The celebrated soundtrack also receives two additional tracks by Sidewalks & Skeletons.

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