Serial Cleaner Review

  • Dev: iFun4All
  • Pub: Curve Digital
  • Release Date: 14/07/17
  • PEGI/ESRB: 16/M
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 2.7 GB
  • Category: Action & Adventure
  • Price: £12/$15/€15
  • Serial Cleaner tells the tale of Bob who is a mammy’s boy and gambling addict, his career of choice happens to be cleaning up crime scenes before the police can gather the evidence to prosecute the offenders, of course this isn’t always an easy task ranging from dead bodies you have to dispose of, the blood in which you have to vacuum up in what looks to be a retro hoover, (the kind of cast iron ones you would usually see in hotels back in the day) along with collecting different pieces of evidence along the way, whether it be a gun or a clown’s mask, it leaves the scene with you!

    On your first mission you’ll start off with a simple task of collecting one body and dumping it at the drop off (your car) as the levels progress so do the opportunity’s in which you can play said levels, you’ll find items to hide in i.e plants, tall grass, bins, boxes and even fridges along with shortcuts and moveable objects which can help you evade patrolling security/police officers. With all of this at your disposal you can stealth your way through each level, it sounds easier than it actually is, certain levels will feel impossible then all of a sudden you’ll figure out the best approach, I for one would sit and fail over and over again resulting in a 30 minute break and a refreshed set of eyes gazing over the best route I should take, this usually resulted in completing the level and realising I was being an idiot, patients is key in this game if you try to jump the gun you might get lucky although 9 times out of 10 you’ll probably get caught and have to restart all over again!

    Each level usually has a set number of bodies to collect, a set amount of blood to clean up and lastly a few items of evidence, on certain levels you will only have 1 body drop but the majority will have multiple usually at either end of the map, I personally found levels with multiple body drops easier to complete but again this all depended on the enemy type, this can range from security guards, police officers, whistle blowers (these are stationary and usually rotate around a set area) if you are spotted they simply blow a whistle and any nearby officers will come running and lastly police officers with guns, these officers shoot on site, as soon as you become spotted it’s game over, of course you can move certain objects to prevent being seen or to change the path an officer takes around the map, you can even lock officers in certain areas, on a number of levels if you time it right you can trap multiple officers making it at least 10% easier to complete. With each levels comes a collectable, whether it be a magazine which once collected gives you a different outfit to wear or a film reel which unlocks one of the ten “Bonus Contracts” these contracts are inspired by famous films, these tend to be slightly trickier than the standard campaign but add to the enjoyment of this simple yet addictive game!

    Personally I like the artwork in Serial Cleaner, it’s a simplistic and doesn’t need to be the best of the best, this is complemented with the 70’s styled music in the background which obviously fits as the game is set in the 70’s I can’t compliment this enough, I enjoyed the audio so much I found myself leaving it on in the background even when I wasn’t playing, this is coming from someone who has never really listened to much music from said genre.

    Gameplay 8.5
    Graphics 7
    Audio 9
    Replay Value 7.5
    Value For Money 8
    Serial Cleaner

    Serial Cleaner is a breath of fresh air, it may not be an original concept but it certainly keeps you entertained, it seems to take inspiration from the likes of Party Hard but obviously you’re cleaning instead of killing, this doesn’t make Bob a good guy by any means with his odd collecting and gambling habits but he sure is entertaining! I for one thoroughly enjoyed each mission in Serial Cleaner and would advise anyone who enjoys games of a stealth nature to take a look!

    • Addictive
    • Great Audio
    • Decent sized campaign and bonus campaign
    • Can be repetitive

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