Slime-San: Superslime Edition Announced for Xbox One

Headup Games and Fabraz proudly announce that the super-slimy Superslime Edition of the critically-acclaimed platformer Slime-san is making its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Experience the ultimate version of Slime-san, with all of its content in one huge edition! Face Slime-san’s greatest adventures (and opponents!), like Mama’s Madness and Blackbird’s Kraken, and don´t forget the evilest of them all: Sheeple in his own Sequel!

The exact release date will be announced very soon.

About Slime-san Superslime Edition

Slime-san: Superslime Edition includes all three major campaigns as well as some brand new, exclusive levels and features!

Mama’s Madness: You’ve been swallowed by a giant worm! Your goal is to platform yourself through its intestines back out its mouth before you get digested!

Blackbird’s Kraken: You were about to take a vacation with your family and got eaten whole by a giant Kraken?! Once more you’ll need to jump, slime & slide your way out!

Sheeple’s Sequel: Sheeple believes he’s an NPC in a video game and decides to recode himself as the villain! Can you beat his mind-bending levels?

Superslime Edition packs an extra 10 exclusive levels where you can play as Grandpa-san himself! It also includes a “Dynamic Colors” feature that alters the game’s color palette to a unique one for each world. Slime-san’s more colorful than ever!

Awards & Recognition
IGN: Best Platformer of 2017 – Finalist (December 2017)
IGN: Top 25 Switch Games (November 2017)
Making Games: Best Newcomer (October 2017)
Official Selection of Pax Rising (September 2017)
Part of the Smithsonian Arcade Selection (July 2017)
Exhibited at the National Videogame Arcade (May 2017)
Debut Title on the Humble Bundle Monthly (April 2017)
Best of in Pax East by Marooner’s Rock (March 2017)
Member of Swiss Games Delegation (December 2016)
Finalist @ IndiePrize Berlin (December 2016)
Playcrafting 16Bit Awards: Best Style Nominee (November 2016)
Semi-finalist @ Game Development World Championship (October 2016)
Finalist @ IndiePrize Tel Aviv (September 2016)
Official Selection of the Gamescom Indie Arena Booth (August 2016)

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