Snake Pass Review

Snake pass is a physics styled puzzle game developed and published by Sumo Digital will snake pass slither into the top tier? Read our review to find out!

  • Developer: Sumo Digital
  • Publisher: Sumo Digital
  • Release Date: 29/03/17
  • PEGI Rating: 3+
  • Players: 1
  • Download size: 3.4Gb
  • Category: Action and Adventure
  • Price: £16.99/$19.99
  • In Snake Pass you play as Noodle and are accompanied by Doodle a friendly blue bird, you’ll find 15 levels spread out across 4 world’s which offer some mind boggling obstacles, the aim of the game is to collect all of the coloured jewels to open the gate to the next level, you will also find multiple blue wisp’s along with 5 gold coins as collectables per level.

    Snake Pass has a complete new concept of control, you’ll find yourself slithering along, climbing up bamboo branches and other obstacles controlling Noodle in a different way to most conventional games, for example to move you have to slither left to right with the left stick and pull back the right trigger, it sounds simple but can be rather tricky especially when you’re trying to climb up obstacles, you can also press left trigger to get a tighter grip when you’re coiled around different items in the land! You’re not without help though as by simply pressing Y will whistle for Doodle to lift your tail and take away the weight you’re pulling along helping you climb even higher if you’re struggling, obviously each obstacle can be attempted many different ways depending on how you feel most comfortable with, I’ve coiled myself up a bamboo shoot and also managed to quickly slither up without performing a tight coil, this makes for any puzzle to be completed in a sense that can suit your playing style, as long as you can get to the area required who cares which way you do it right?

    “You’ll find 15 levels spread out across 4 world’s which offer some mind boggling obstacles”

    I did notice how difficult the game can be from the word go, some of the coins on the very first level were tricky to get a hold of without dying! Top tip, when you grab a coin go straight to a checkpoint pad to save, I failed to realise this and died a few times attempting to grab the coin under the bridge on level one, this cancelled out the previous coins I’d been collecting throughout the level which was met with a few harsh words from myself to say the least!

    “You can also press left trigger to get a tighter grip when you’re coiled around different items in the land!”

    After you complete a world you unlock time trial mode for that world, this is when you start feeling the pressure, you will quickly realise the length of time it’s taken you to get through levels and trying to beat said time isn’t easy by any means, in this mode you only have to collect the coloured jewels and make it to the exit gate. I loved playing time trial but unfortunately when getting to the gate at times I found it would take 4-5 seconds to finish the level for me whilst it opens which made my time even longer thus pushing me down the leaderboards. Take note when you’re playing through the standard levels for any short cuts or ways you can get through a level as quick as possible, it is worth going back into the level in standard campaign mode to take a look around if you’re wanting that low time on time trials!

    “Snake Pass has came out on top with nice bright colours and detail to boot”

    Something that really caught my eyes were the use of bright colours, sometimes in games developers use this to catch your attention without actually putting much detail into the mix but Snake Pass has came out on top with nice bright colours and detail to boot i personally liked the level of detail on Noodle (the snake) he’s a mixture of white cream and orange, if you manage to get an angle where you are zoomed in you will see each individual scale of his skin, the audio is an upbeat backing track with chirpy bird noises mixed with rainforest type sounds, all in all it fits perfectly!

    Gameplay 9
    Graphics 9
    Audio 9
    Replay Value 7.5
    Value For Money 8
    Snake Pass

    Snake Pass is a unique puzzle physics game presented with bright colours and decent audio, at times it can be extremely challenging especially for some of the collectables but this doesn’t make it off putting, with it’s slithering movements and thoughtful obstacles it becomes great fun for children or adults, I would have liked to see more levels although with some of the ones later in the game being quite long winded it doesn’t feel short, when you bundle that with the time trials for each level you can be playing for hours and hours. I’ve enjoyed every moment of playing Snake Pass if you’re looking around for a title to pick up this week Snake Pass gets my vote!

    • Unique gameplay
    • Bright detailed artwork
    • Decent audio throughout
    • Time trial has slight lag when awaiting the gate to open causing your time to be longer
    • Some people may want a longer campaign

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