Snakebyte Battery:Kit Pro Review

Snakebyte’s Battery:Kit Pro comes as a single 1500 mAh battery and a 80cm USB charging cable. We gave one a whirl for a week, read on to find out how it stacks up..

The Battery:Kit Pro fits directly into the space provided on the back of the controller with no separate backing plate required. It is slightly larger than a standard Xbox One battery pack and does protrude from the back of the controller by a few millimetres. I would assume this would be due to the larger amount of cells. It is a snug fit, that takes a little persuasion to clip into place, but at least you know it won’t come loose.. The supplied charging cable fits into a micro USB slot located on the top of the battery, so you can charge while playing, though its short length does restrict how far away you can sit from your console. If you have other batteries at hand, you can remove the battery and charge by itself. There’s also a small LED located on the top of the battery that shows red while charging and turns blue once fully charged.

Making a comparison to an Official Xbox One battery pack is a tricky one, as there’s many variables to take into account such as battery age and rumble motors. With that said, the official Xbox One battery is stated to last upto 30 hours by Microsoft where as the Snakebyte battery is stated to last approximately 10-12 hours. Only being around a third of that of the official battery pack the charge hold is a bit of a let down, however, it performs better than some other third-party batteries. Charging time is around 2 – 2.5 hours which is about 2 hours less than an official battery. There’s 2 colour options available, either black or white, and is priced around £18 on Amazon, give or take a few pence depending on the colour. Making it just a couple of quid cheaper than an official Play & Charge kit. I’ve not near had enough time to test its lifespan, and how quickly the battery may degrade with a fair amount of use, meaning I’ll have to revisit this review with an update in the coming months..

Product was supplied for the purpose of this review
Build Quality 9
Charge Time 6
Features 6
Snakebyte Battery:Kit Pro

In Summary, the Snakebyte Battery:Kit Pro is of solid design and doesn’t feel cheap. It could do with a longer charge cable as the one supplied doesn’t extend more than 1 metre, with a charge hold that is around a third of an official battery. Someone who plays for an hour or two may not see the difference in play time as much as someone who plays for a fair few hours a day. Making the only real positive being saving a little bit of money.

  • Well built
  • Quick Charge time
  • Supplied charge cable is short
  • Charge hold around a third of an Official battery

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