Snakebyte Charge:Dock Review

The Charge:Dock is for charging two original Xbox One controllers that are equipped with original play and charge battery packs. It is available in two colours, black or white and is currently priced at £9.99. Here’s the list of features.

  • Charging dock for two original Xbox® One controllers equipped with original Play&Charge kits
  • With LED status indicators
  • USB power cable with a comfortable length of two meters connects with the console

The Charge:Dock is a nice addition/replacement for the USB cable that comes with play and charge kits, and even doubles as a controller stand. The design is really clever, taking up no more room than two controllers if charging two at the same time. The way the controllers simply slide on to the Charge:Dock mean that they are supported by their own weight whilst charging. So they can’t fall off, and more importantly are not putting all of the controllers weight on the USB connection, something I have experienced with a previous controller charge station (for Xbox 360), that eventually broke because of the controllers weight being only supported by a small clip on the USB connector.

The build quality of the Charge:Dock is good, I gave it a good twist and squeezing (which you can see in the video above) and there was no cracking or creaking noises. The plastic is of good quality and is finished with a texture similar to that of an Xbox One controller. It charges your controller play and charge battery packs just as quickly as the standard play and charge cable. The cable supplied is long enough to put round the back of a TV unit and into the rear USB port of your console, keeping wires out of sight, and ideal for those that don’t like wires trailing across the room. It also has two rubberised ‘feet’ that keep the Charg:Dock from slipping around on the surface it is placed on, preventing it from slipping if accidentally knocked.

Snakebyte provided this product for the purpose of this review
Build quality 9.5
Charge time 8
Features 6.5
Snakebyte charge:dock

Summary: The Snakebyte Charge:Dock is a great addition to anyone's play and charge setup. charging your controllers battery packs whilst not playing, and keeping them tidy at the same time, also eliminating long trailing cables. A nice compact design that is space saving and doesn't put unnecessary strain on the USB connection. It would be nice to see a version that comes with battery packs too.

  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • No battery packs supplied

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