Snakebyte Gaming Seat Review

A few weeks back we were lucky enough to be sent a Snakebyte gaming seat, Priced at £229.99 and available from the Snakebyte website and Amazon it’s a seat all gamers should take a look at. Since unboxing the chair and placing its leg rest on backward in the video I’ve put it through its paces to see just how it stacks up!

I heard about the Snakebyte gaming seat a little while ago, after looking at a few pictures I was in awe of its extra features which admittedly I had seen on other chairs available but I had never seen a leg rest on any of them, this was a big selling point for me as I’m one of these gamers who likes his legs up as he plays to keep my overall gaming experience relaxing. First off I noticed how comfortable the lower padding is and by lower padding I mean the lower part of the seat you sit on, I’ve usually used large bulky padded office chairs to keep me as comfortable as possible during my long gaming marathons but the comfort just from the lower part of the Snakebyte Gaming Seat proved that my office chairs weren’t very good, with the bottom half being comfortable the backrest followed through with a very relaxing experience but only with the added lumbar support and neck support cushions, if you’re silly enough to remove these additions to the chair then you won’t be very comfortable after sitting for a few minutes, the neck support was my favourite although I did have to play around to get its positioning correct and would have prefered an adjustment setting on the straps which attach it to the chair as the cushion kept slumping down too low and I would have to manually adjust it in to position. The lumbar support cushion was perfect and as said earlier without it would make for an uncomfortable experience so I would advise everyone to leave it where it should be if you decide to buy one of Snakebytes gaming seats.

To add to the comfort you can adjust the arm rests up and down along with forward and back to get them in the perfect position for your body shape and seating position, the seat back rest can be adjusted as far back as a horizontal lying down position which was great if you want to kick back and relax a bit when gaming although do not try to sleep in the chair, where it is comfortable in its horizontal positioning it is not large enough to be used for a good night’s sleep (believe me I tried) but if you’re like me and like to lean back slightly with your feet up then you will be able to obtain pretty much maximum comfort, the flip out foot rest which sits nicely hidden under the seat when not in use can be pulled out to a decent length and also left right at the base of the seat depending on your leg length or preferred legs up positioning and to top it all off the seat goes down quite low and quite high again depending how you would like to be positioned whilst gaming or whatever you want to use the chair for.

The build quality was great, it feels sturdy and that’s coming from someone who calls themselves BobbyFails, I may have put the leg rest on the wrong way around but a quick 2 minute switch around and the chair was perfect, I did speak to another reviewer who received one of the Snakebyte gaming seats who said his was quite noisy, he later revealed that he hadn’t tightened some of the bolts up all the way and this was the cause, the instructions were just like the ones you get from IKEA when buying flat pack furniture, a perfect step by step guide, just make sure you read twice and build once or you might put something on back to front! The fabric used on my green and black gaming chair was a mix of pleather (plastic fake leather) and what looks to me like a green textured breathable fabric, I wasn’t overly excited about the fabric as I would have prefered a full leather seat but after gaming in it for multiple hours I could understand why a breathable fabric was used as we all know full leather may have got hot and sweaty.

Build Quality 9
Comfort 8
Features 9
Value For Money 7.5
Snakebyte Gaming Seat Review

Upon receiving the Snakebyte Gaming Seat I thought the price point was a little high, after using it for a few weeks I quickly realised why, it was extremely comfortable and would pretty much to any seating position I could want, I would have liked some adjustable straps on the neck and lumbar support cushions but other than that I couldn’t find much else wrong, if you’re on the lookout for a comfortable gaming seat I would recommend looking at this one.

  • Breathable fabric to stop sweating
  • Very adjustable to suit your needs
  • Adjustable leg rest for extra comfort
  • Without lumbar and neck support it isn't as comfortable

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