Snakebyte Head:Set X Pro Review

Snakebyte has produced some decent accessories in the past, and their latest headset, the Head:Set X Pro is yet another surprise from them. As a headset that comes in at a mere £21.35 (price on Amazon at the time of writing) You don’t expect much, but the X Pro exceeded my expectations right out of the box.

Snakebyte seem to have thought of eveything you could need and included it in the box, including a splitter cable for use with a PC, a hook to stick to your monitor/TV or shelf to hang your headset from and even interchangable ear cup covers.

Speaking of which, I have seen headsets before that feature changable ear covers that often seem rather fiddly. with the X Pro however, the covers have a magnetised base that you simply pull away from the headset, making the change simple. I did think this may cause an issue while wearing but the magnets are strong enough to keep them in place, without being too strong to not enable you to remove them.

Moving on to the audio, and it’s yet again surprising for such a cheap headset, giving crystal clear sound across the spectrum, even the bass was more than expected, a nice middle of the range thud, that out does some more expensive headsets I’ve used.

The headset itself is very comfortable to wear, thanks to the memory foam filled ear cushions, and well padded headband. As always for me the choice of ear cushions are a big plus as I much prefer the fabric to the leatherette. In-line controls are present, featuring a volume wheel and mute switch, with the latter being a little too small leading to fumbling around to find it.

The microphone is a little bit of a let down, the design is nice with it folding away into the earcup, however the audio quality is not that great, sounding a little muffled, compared to my usual headset.

The overall build quality of the headset is good, however, the plastic used is cheap and only time will tell if it can take the odd beating from being dropped etc.

Product was supplied for the purpose of this review

Audio 9
Build quality 5
Comfort 9
Value for money 8.5
Snakebyte Head:Set X Pro

While the plastics used reflect the price, the Snakebyte Head:Set X Pro gives you a lot for your money. The changeable ear cups are a bonus along with the included splitter and headset hook. As a budget headset, the X Pro is good value, it does the job. The microphone is a bit of a miss, though it exceeded my expectations in the audio quality department.

  • Very Comfortable.
  • Decent Audio
  • Changeable ear cups
  • Cheap plastic
  • Microphone

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