Snakebyte Head:Set X Review

Snakebyte have released a few accessories for Xbox over the past year or so, from controller cases to rechargeable batteries and gaming chairs. Now they have produced a dedicated gaming headset for Consoles. This headset is available for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo switch, all being the same, with each model having a colour scheme to match that of each console. I chose to test out the Xbox One variation, known as Headset X.

The first thing I noticed once it arrived was just how small the box was, no bigger than the width and height of a controller. The reason behind this is that the headset is foldable, making it both much easier to store, or pop in a bag if you’re taking them out with you, as you can of course use them with any device that has a 3.5 mm audio socket.

taking them out of the box, they come well wrapped along with a detachable microphone boom that simply plugs into the underside of the left earcup. Unfolding the earcups was also surprising as I’ve had foldable headphones in the past that become weak at the pivot points and start to squeak and become loose. The Headset X however seems to address this with the earcups locking into place when fully open, keeping them fairly sturdy at the hinge, a nice touch that impressed me quite a bit.

Speaking of being impressed, the microphone quality is spot on. I tested this in an Xbox Live party and the people I spoke to couldn’t tell the difference between the Snakebyte Headset X and my usual Turtle Beach headset, very very impressive. The only down side I could find about the mic was that it felt a little short and was positioned nearer to my jaw than the corner of my mouth which I’m used to with my usual headset. The headset X plugs in to the 3.5mm jack on your controller via the 1.2 meter cable that feature in-line volume and mic mute controls. (older controllers will need a stereo headset adapter sold separately)

Moving on the the audio, while the speakers are 40mm they do provide very clear audio across the board with no crackles or distortion. As you would expect the bass is not tremendously deep, but is enough to hear those low tones. I do like to stress test headsets when it comes to audio, where I will plug the headset into an adaptor that has a bass boost functionality, I did this and turned up the volume to as high a level as I could stand without causing myself any damage, and the Headset passed this with flying colours. Even picking up low sub tones without any distortion.

On to comfort and build quality, while I’m a fan of over-ear headsets, the Headset X is on-ear. I game for a few hours at a time and usually these headsets get uncomfortable after long periods, that is not the case with this one. The fabric covered ear cusions allow your ears to ‘breath’ and the headband provides just enough force to keep them on your head without being too tight, a really good balance that served well, especially during the heatwave of the week I was testing them. Build quality wise the Headset is as good as you would expect for the price range it’s in, with a faux leather covered cushioned headband that features an embossed pattern on the top side and the snakebyte text logo on the underside. I’ve already mentioned the click in to place folding action that I like about the headset, however I feel this may overtime wear out, as it is made of plastic. The earcups are also encased in a run of the mill plastic, but again nothing more should be expected from a headset in this price range.

Product was supplied for this review by Snakebyte
Audio 8
Build quality 6
Comfort 9
Value for money 9
Snakebyte Headset X

Coming in at £17.99 the Snakebyte Headset X provides a decent audio experience for both the microphone and speakers. While compact with its folding feature making it easy to store, or take with you if you're on the go, I feel that this may also be its downfall depending how rough a user is with them, as moving plastic parts will wear over time, which may ultimately cause them to break. If you are looking for a headset less than £20 then definitely bear these in mind as they will do the job well, as long as you take care of them.

  • Clear microphone
  • Decent audio
  • Comfortable
  • Compact design
  • Moving plastic parts may wear out

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