Snakebyte Python:3400S Review

The Python:3400S stereo gaming headset is is not only for use with Xbox One, but can also be used with PS4, PC’s, Laptops, tablets and Smartphones that have 3.5mm headphone jacks. And is an entry level stereo gaming headset by Snakebyte. Currently priced at £25.99, it is one of the cheapest stereo gaming headset currently available in the UK, and it comes with the following features;

  • Stereo headset for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One
  • Also compatible with tablets, computers and smartphones with 3,5mm jack
  • Strong 40 mm drivers for top-quality sound with clear treble and booming bass – Suitable for games, movies and music
  • Foldable design for high mobility and soft ear cushions for long-term wearing comfort
  • Detachable microphone allows for flexible use – At home or on the go, as a headset or just as a headphone
  • In-line cable adaptor for comfortable volume control and microphone muting (cable length 1 m)
  • Accessories included (carry bag, 3,5mm-adaptor for various smartphones)

Now as I’ve stated above, these headphones are cheap, but only in the monetary sense of the word. The build quality is spot on, and on par with some of the ‘well known’ headset brands. As I mention in the Unboxing video (above) The plastic components do not feel cheap, they’re not flimsy and don’t crack or creak when being squeezed or twisted. The movement of the ear cups feels incredibly smooth. All of the detail is really nice to see too, including the debossed “Snakebyte” across the top of the headband, the yellow stitching that runs along the headband edge And the contrast of high gloss black and matte yellow plastics on the ear cups. It’s little things like this that show the attention to detail and care that has gone into producing a quality product.

I also really like the folding feature of the Python:3400S, it makes them a lot easier to store away, either taking up less space on a desk or TV unit, or storing them away in a drawer. They also come with a draw-string bag to put them in when not in use if you wish. Keeping them free from dust and getting scratched. Something I don’t think any other headset comes with. Not a big deal I know, but it’s nice to see that Snakebyte care about their products enough to include this. The headset is really comfortable, With soft cushioning on the headband and ear cups, and it doesn’t feel heavy whilst wearing it. The small mic boom slots in to it’s 3.5 mm socket and twist locks into place, a good feature that will ensure it stays in place and will not come out if it is accidentally knocked. The smartphone adaptor is simply an L-shaped 3.5 mm connector that keeps the wire from being bent too much if the phone is in a pocket for example. It is also worth noting that all the connections are gold plated.

Now on to the sound. Overall the 40 mm drivers stand up to the test. I turned them up as loud as possible and they were working great with no distortion which was quite impressive. even using them with a headset adaptor the has a bass boost button on they still didn’t distort which did surprise me. The bass isn’t as deep as some other headsets but that may be down to the fact that the drivers are smaller than my current headset (by 10 mm). As I mentioned above, the mic boom is really small around 2-3 cm in length, as it is further away from your mouth compared to other headset mics, thus making you sound quieter whilst talking through it, but not too quiet. The cable is a lot more softer and flexible than wires on other headsets I have used, and for me personally it is better as the wire tends to get twisted up less.


There’s no built-in mic monitoring which is a shame, but expected for an entry level headset. And although ideally you would use this headset with a gen 2 Xbox One controller with the built in headphone socket, as it has in-line volume and mute controls, it does work with older controllers that need headset adaptors too. Now, I did compare it to the Official Xbox One stereo headset in the unboxing video, purely because it is the cheapest stereo headset I’ve owned. at around £10 more than the Python:3400S, the Xbox One stereo headset is really poor, the two that I have owned started to fall to bits after a few weeks. Where both had the covering of the ear cup cushions come away and one ended up cracking on the lower part of the headband. they were put together really cheaply and I would recommend the Pythons over them any day of the week. The Pythons simply look better, are built better and are cheaper.

This product was provided by Snakebyte for the purpose of this review
Audio 8.5
Build quality 9.5
Features 8
Value for money 8.8
Snakebyte Python:3400S

Summary: The Snakebyte Python:3400S stereo gaming headset is a perfect entry level stereo headset for all gamers, built to the same standards as headsets costing twice as much. A few additions such as a mic that has a longer boom and mic monitoring would make it even better (some colour options would also be nice). If you're looking for a quick replacement or upgrading from a standard headset, these are a great choice and definitely worth considering.

  • excellent build quality
  • Comfortable
  • Look good
  • Small mic boom
  • No mic monitoring

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