Solar Shifter EX Review

Solar Shifter EX is a vertical scrolling Sh’mup with a unique shift ability. Your aim is “To leave a dying solar system behind at all costs before its extinction!” So should solar shifter EX ‘shift’ in to your download queue? read our review below to find out..

  • Dev: Headup Games
  • Pub: Headup Games
  • Release Date: 26/8/16
  • PEGI Rating: 7
  • Players: 1
  • Download size: 4.78 GB
  • Genre: Shoot ’em up
  • Price: £7.99
  • Solar shifter EX is a shoot ’em up,forward scrolling game with a quite unique ‘shifting’ game mechanic. There is some story that is within Solar Shifter which is hardly put into these types of games which is very much a one of a kind thing. There are a total of 18 missions with over 40 types of enemies, You can also pilot four ships, one main ship and three alien ships.

    Solar shifter has great colourful visuals and has good looking models for the ships, the sounds and music for the game are also amazing to watch and listen to. To me the shifter mechanic is very odd but is great to use if you end up almost getting hammered by the enemy ships,but it also could lead you to get destroyed within a few seconds if not used properly as the controls on a controller do not really go well as you don’t teleport anywhere its four specific spots on the screen. Also even though the game has great visuals its camera angles change at certain points which mess up the perspective and its hard to adjust and know where and which bullets to avoid.

    solar shifter ex 1

    Another few minor issues with Solar Shifter is the quite repetitive formations of the enemies, and the chance of success is very much based on repetitive attempts on the same level and trying to find the spot where you can hide and not get hit, rather than having to dodge all over because i noticed with the first few levels that you could easily sit in one position until the mini boss or boss and shoot and not get hit once.

    I like the upgrade feature that is in Solar Shifter when you play it as you can upgrade your ships turrets, this would go well with in game pick-ups which unfortunately are not in solar shifter, it would go well with this type of game as pretty much all other shoot ’em ups and bullet hell games i have played have them in it but it makes this game stand out from the rest not having fully over the top features and in game power ups. Most games such as Solar Shifter have difficulty options, I never saw any and thought this was a little bit of a let down but considering the game was challenging enough as it is punishing when you do one thing wrong i think solar shifter is good enough without multiple game difficulties.

    solar shifter ex 2

    The short story and voice acting in the game are not ‘top quality’ but you cant expect that from a shoot ’em up game but even though its not the best of the best,its still quite interesting and adds a lot more depth to the game than just reading text like you normally would on a game like this. The small team that worked on this game do deserve a lot of respect for what they have done even though its not the best of games its still considerably beautiful yet challenging game.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 7.5
    Graphics 8
    Audio 8
    Replay Value 7
    Value for Money 7
    Solar Shifter EX

    Summary: A one of a kind shoot 'em up with great and unique game mechanics. With 18 different levels and 4 different space ships to obliterate the invading aliens who are after your home land. Challenging gameplay that will leave you satisfied. Give it a go.

    • Good Graphics
    • Great Story
    • Decent music
    • unique shoot 'em up
    • Difficulty
    • Shift feature is hard to get used to
    • repetitive formations

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