Sound BlasterX H6 Headset Review

The Sound BlasterX H6 is the latest headset from Creative Labs, while not as premium as the H7’s they still hold the same quality. Featuring memory foam ear cups, 50mm Speakers and Ambient Monitoring, 7.1 surround (USB Connected devices)

Straight out of the box you get a sense of quality with the H6, it’s very well built with a metal reinforced headband, and quality memory foam fabric covered ear cups. Putting the headset on reinforces the outstanding quality further, with just enough claming force to keep it on your head without applying too much pressure, coupled with the aforementioned memory foam fabric covered earcups makes long gaming sessions a joy. No sore or sweating ears, which for me is first and foremost before looking for anything else in a headset.

The quality doesn’t stop there. The audio produced is excellent, using them with devices that utilise the USB connection, the H6s have 3 built-in equlizer modes that can be cycled through at the press of a button. If however you use them on PC you can download the Sound Blaster Connect App that allows you to customise the equaliser settings further, though they cannot be saved to the headset and transfered over to other devices.

Having played with the App for some time and turning everything up to 11, the 50mm speakers held out really well. providing fantastic audio across the board. The microphone works well, providing clear communication although your voice can sound a little muted (mic test at 5:24 in the video above). The headset also features Ambient Monitoring, this works like mic monitoring but for your immediate surrounding. Perfect for when you need to listen out for the postman, telephone or simply having a conversation with someone in the same room without having to slide at least one earcup back to do so.

While some would say it’s a bit of a gimmick, there are those that love light-up gaming peripherals, the H6s feature a small band of LED lighting around the outside of the earcup that can also be altered in various ways using the Sound Blaster Connect App on PC. from simple colour changes to making it pulse with the beat of music etc. Personally I don’t mind it, it’s not too in your face, and just gives a little something extra to make the headset a little more personalised.

Sadly, if you only have devices that use 3.5mm audio jacks, the majority of the features of this headset do not apply as it simply runs in a passive state. So further testing on Xbox One was a little underwhelming knowing what features are missing. Volume control, mic mute and equalizer functions on the headset do not work, and have to be controlled either by a headset adapter (old xbox controllers) or via the audio settings through the dashboard (new controllers). Don’t get me wrong, it still performs well in this state, though I would struggle to recommend it if you were after a headset for Xbox One only. I’ve said it before that this is an oversight on Microsofts behalf, here’s to hoping that USB support is added soon.

Audio 9.5
Build quality 10
Comfort 10
Value for money 9.5
Sound BlasterX H6

The Sound BlasterX H6 is probably one of, if not the most comfortable headsets I've ever used. Just enough clamping force and top notch cloth covered memory foam earcups make wearing them for long sessions a joy. They produce some decent audio too especially when connected to devices via USB. Sadly connecting them via a 3.5mm audio jack makes them perform passively, meaning the majority of the features do not work, making them hard to recommend if you only game on Xbox. However, if you play on multiple devices and are looking for a headset that's not going to break the bank (£69.99/$79.99) and perform well then you should definitely bear the H6s in mind.

  • Very Comfortable.
  • Great audio
  • Build quality
  • Only works passively if using 3.5mm audio jack

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