Spencer Review

  • Dev: GbR Thomas Claus und Frank Menzel
  • Pub: GbR Thomas Claus und Frank Menzel
  • Released: 11/10/18
  • PEGI/ESRB: 3/E
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 145.72 MB
  • Price: £5.79/$6.99/€6.99
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: No
  • Spencer is a classic platformer setup, jump and run to your heart’s content as you collect gems and coins, defeat enemies and dodge the house ghost! With 80 levels and 5 environments, you’ll certainly have a lot to do! Read on for a more in-depth look at Spencer.

    Spencer had a very nostalgic feel to it, it wouldn’t be out of place back on the original OG Xbox, it’s very simplistic with only your thumbstick to use for the direction you would like to move, A for jump and double jump and then B for a boost which is also a punch button, you can only double jump after collecting the rocket pickup and as for the boost you will come across 2 or 3 boxing gloves throughout the entire game which in turn let the little cool down timer recharge quicker, that’s pretty much it for the controls and that’s all it really needs, you move yourself around levels jumping on enemies heads to kill them or using your boost/punch option, certain enemies will have helmets on in which you have to boost in to them first and then you can jump on top of them to kill them, the game also has a lot of flying enemies with one which is of a purple/blue color who likes to dive bomb towards you once you have knocked his/her helmet off, in a nutshell, most of the enemies are the same, ground enemies all do the same thing and have different skins which are the same with the flying enemies, I did notice a fair few larger sized enemies throughout my playthrough and thought they may need a couple of hits but this was not the case which overall made everything very repetitive and boring, you could switch hard mode on or off which would make a less skilled player sweat a little but that was the only thing I could find to make the game more interesting.

    Whilst playing I noticed multiple times that I would have screen tearing and almost like a lag effect, I done the usual restart xbox, reinstall the game which didn’t change a thing, ontop of this I also had on more than a few occasions I would jump on an enemies head and i would die rather than it killing the enemy, these are not deal breaking things as I’m sure a small patch could fix all of the problems but it didn’t help my opinion whilst I was playing through the 80 levels, whilst we are on the subject of the levels they were set out across 5 worlds with each one having a different theme, from a bathroom theme to a garage theme, later in the game the levels became more complex so you had to work your way around them a specific way to not get caught out by the ghost, the house ghost in the game would appear once you had collected all 5 coins to open the portal to the next level so I would advise clearing out all enemies and collecting the gems before picking up the last coin, once you pickup the last coin you will have random gems drop which you have to collect to help with the scoring system at the end but as i have said earlier a house ghost which can float through walls will chase you in a bid to take them back, if you haven’t died in the level from a normal enemy but get caught by the house ghost he simply takes the extra gems off you and it is not classed as a kill, at the end you get scored, you have to kill all of the enemies, collect all of the normal gems in the level, not die at all whilst playing said level and collect all of the house ghost gems to get full marks, on average I ended up getting ¾ of these with ease whether it be set on hard more or easy.

    The artwork for Spencer was a basic cartoon style with 3D characters and as the developers called it a 2.5d background for a nostalgic platformer feel it actually fit perfectly but on today’s consoles it’s not really what people are looking for, with its price point being around the £5 marker I couldn’t have asked for more, this leads me on to the audio in the game and sadly it wasn’t to my taste, the backing track sounded like something from a really old keyboard which again suits the nostalgic look and feel of this game but sadly wasn’t greeted very well by my ears. Spencer the main character doesn’t talk he just says random gobbledygook, I constantly thought he was saying something about Google when he would get hit by an enemy but it was just random noises rather than giving him a voice, again this wasn’t for me I would have liked to have seen something a little more in depth even if it did suit the game a little bit.

    Gameplay 4
    Graphics 5.5
    Audio 4
    Replay Value 2
    Value For Money 5
    Spencer Review

    Overall I wanted to like Spencer but i couldn't see past its screen tearing, glitchy deaths next to enemies, repetitive gameplay and annoying audio. I really couldn't lose myself in it, it did feel all nostalgic but sadly that wasn't enough for me, it may be up your street if you're a hardcore platformer who loves the old 90's and early 00's platform games but I couldn't find a cemented place on my gaming shelf for Spencer

    • Nostalgic feel whilst playing
    • Glitchy deaths
    • Screen tearing
    • Repetative

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