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Developed and published by Little Green Men Games, Starpoint Gemini 2 is an RPG space simulation. As you begin your journey and lauch into the Deep dark void, you have two options, Play the campaign as Adrian Faulkner, son of Gabriel Faulkner the legendary hero of the last Gemini Wars. Or play your own way, shaping your own path in the limitless free roam which we will get back to a bit later on.

Now I have never played the first game of the series so safe to say I was flying in to this one blind, and so I went straight into campaign as who doesn’t want a game with a story to push you through. Here we are greeted to choose our main character, and our own characters primary role. You have 3 classes to choose from for your character, be it you wish to be a commander and focus your skills on controlling fleets, a gunner, a man born and lives on the battlefield always looking for the next battle, Or lastly an engineer, a class I found to be quite useful hacking into enemy ships and other deadly arts of manipulation.

But don’t let this choice have you going into fine detail to what each class does. As you can also forge your own career as a pirate, a trader, miner, explorer, or a scientist. Each class has a set of skills that they specialise in and a leveling system for you to be able to increase those stats throughout your game.

We now have some knowledge on our character and classes, so we jump straight in to the game. Now when you first start a new game you are normally greeted and bombarded by tutorial missions. With starpoint Gemini 2 this is not the case. Although the first few missions do help to teach you the very basic game mechanics, it is nowhere near the knowledge you need to fully understand ship control. So just prepare to spend some time reading and watching tutorials created by players online to learn the various controls as at first it is all a tad bit confusing.


The campaign does introduce you to the plot quite quickly, only on your second mission your beloved farther asks you to perform a side-mission, but upon your return you find the legendary hero has been attacked and his ship destroyed, With the the only clues scattered among other ships for you to find, this is where your story begins.

Although the campaign has its moments, there is a few things that let it down. One for me was the voice acting which I find to be quite the important role in any game. Ship selection and customization are aplenty in starpoint Gemini 2, with the chance to paint/decal your ship is an added bonus which will see you spending ours tweaking your ship the way you see fit.

Ship control is not explained or come to grips with easily, but with a lot of practise you can use your ships shields to your advantage, As these shields don’t behave as you would imagine due to the fact these shields are in segments. So you know exactly what side your being attacked from and when 1 segment collapses the other 3 remain intact. good positioning of your ship could be the difference between life and death.

Now the visual side of things are just stunning, the stars, the storms, staring at nebulas far in the distance are very easy on the eyes lovely which you can tell have had a lot of care and detail spent creating them. For the universe being quite vast you would think they would be some large pockets of vacuum and emptiness but that isn’t the case. As asteroid fields, junk fields, space stations, mining platforms, wormholes and of course the pirates fill the vastness of space and keep you entertained.

The free roam game mode allows you to wander around the universe to pretty much do whatever you want, which I found quite fun. There are no quests, no missions, you can explore the full vastness of space with many things to see and do. Plasma storms are quite the delight, or go straight into pirate territory with a hired fleet and crew to really get the adrenaline pumping. Although I will have to point this out, make sure you have enough money to pay for the fleet and crew, as if you don’t “yall be forced to walk the plank.” And space can get quite lonely.

Reviewer was provided with a download code for this game
Gameplay 7
Graphics 8
Audio 4
Replay Value 8
Value for Money 6
Starpoint Gemini 2

Summary: If you love being lost in a universe where time does not exist and beautiful scenery as the hours will fly by, you will love this game. The customization, the different roles you can take and forge make this a very interesting game. The voice acting is a big let down for the campaign and the near non existing tutorials make it hard to get into, but once in you will find yourself hooked.

  • Character development
  • Visuals
  • Audio
  • Lack of online

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