Stealth – XP Warrior Desert Camo Review

Stealth gaming was a company I hadn’t heard of until I was at EGX 2018, I was lucky enough to bump in to a few representatives who pointed me into the direction of the brand, after looking through the extensive amount of headsets they have on offer they asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of them, in true fashion I let them send anything they wanted and was lucky enough to land myself a Stealth XP Warrior in Desert Camo headset for review, and here is what I thought of it.

The Warrior XP Camo headset is an entry level headset by Stealth with a price point of £24.99 (the price was reduced for Black Friday sales in the unboxing video) now usually most people will see a lower priced headset and automatically assume it isn’t a good choice and 9 times out of ten for the more avid gamer I would agree but this little beauty caught me by surprise, first off the build quality is extremely decent for such a cheaply priced unit the full headset has a rubber-like feel to it and a really nice desert camo print with orange accents throughout, it has an adjustable headband which is plastic rather than metal but it seemed to hold up pretty well in my two weeks of testing and again for the price I can’t really cry at the fact it’s not metal, if I wanted a metal adjustable slider the price would have most probably doubled.

Loaded with 40mm speakers the audio quality was fantastic, I was playing Just Cause 4 with this headset and jumping to my set of Astro A40’s which cost me in excess of £200 a few years back and I couldn’t notice much of a difference in sound quality, this is the main thing that surprised me, usually headsets in this price range sound very tinny and don’t offer much of a luxury sound but these little bad boys took it up to 11 and blew me away, the microphone comes on a metal adjustable mic boom which gives the XP Warrior a more expensive feel to it, when I first tested the microphone when talking to Russ in an Xbox Party he didn’t realise i’d switched headsets and said these would be a good fit for recording with, being completely honest when I look at a headset I’m all about the microphone quality, if that’s decent then I can plug it in to my elgato and use it for all of the youtube videos and most of the time it’s only the higher end headsets that I would turn my eyes too but again this entry level £24.99 headset blew me away.

The box states “comfort fitted ear cups” which is not far from the truth, they are padded quite well and do offer some comfort, sadly I’m used to the over-ear design rather than the on-ear design which the XP Warrior has and this made them a little uncomfortable after playing for a few hours, BUT we all have to remember I wear glasses and once I had taken my glasses off they were comfortable and being on ear my ears didn’t sweat like crazy on the leatherette padded cushions. The XP Warrior also offers in-line volume controls with a mute switch, the box did state “game and chat volume control” which made me think it had separate controls for party chat and the games volume but this was one volume control for both game and chat, bare in mind though if you’re running it through one of the newer Xbox one control pads with the 3.5mm jack input you’ll be able to adapt your levels to the desired volumes on your Xbox One, this is a multi-platform headset which offers an adapter for PC gaming out of the box, it works on most consoles (PS4/Xbox One/Switch) as well as tablets and mobile devices, I tested them listening to an album on my phone and the sound quality was still brilliant, sadly the only console I have handy is my Xbox One X or I would have been able to see if the quality was the same across the platforms.

Audio 9
Build Quality 7.5
Comfort 7.5
Value For Money 10

Overall I've struggled to fault the Stealth Warrior XP Camo, with a price point of £24.99, great audio from the speakers and microphone along with the rubber feel of the headset and camo design it’s hard to find a fault, as said above i would have preferred a metal head strap adjustment band rather than a plastic one and over ear cup design would have suited my needs better but again for the price I can’t complain one bit, this is a great headset and would be a perfect gift this Christmas.

  • Rubber textured feel
  • Great sound quality
  • Really well priced
  • Metal adjustable mic boom
  • Plastic headband extender strap
  • On ear, ear cups

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