Subterrain Preview

Subterrain is developed and published by Pixellore and is available on the Xbox store now, priced £13.59/$16.99.Check out our preview video above.

Game description:
In Subterrain, you fill the shoes of Dr. West, the apparent lone survivor of MPO, an underground city on Mars. Do what you must to survive: battle enemies, fight hunger and thirst, mend your wounds, and gather resources in a constant struggle to survive the catastrophe that’s beset Mars! You may end up being your own worst enemy if you’re careless! Every decision you make is critical as the world does not wait for you.SURVIVAL – Struggle against your own bodily urges, such as thirst, hunger, exhaustion, and more! – Beware of injuries, including bone fractures and blood loss! – Scavenge or perform research to obtain medical supplies! – Manage your oxygen and thermal levels while exploring!

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