Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo Edition Review

  • Dev: Stage Clear Studios
  • Pub: Headup Games
  • Released: 25/07/18
  • PEGI/ESRB: 12/T
  • Players: 1-4 Local
  • Size: 1.04 GB
  • Price: £6.39/$7.99/€7.99
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: No
  • There comes a time when being a video games reviewer when something will drop in your inbox to review that is completely out of the norm and a type of game that said reviewer hasn’t written about before. That happened to me recently when I was given Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo Edition as my next review. First and foremost, this game certainly has nothing to do with being Super and there definitely isn’t anything Turbo about it. To put it bluntly, it’s simply Blackjack at its core, but the developer have decided to spice it up a bit with an awkwardly placed Street Fighter vibe. Firstly let me clarify that there isn’t any kind of fighting involved, in fact the Battle part of the title of this game is just as irrelevant as Super and Turbo. It should have just been called BlackJack or Blackjack Tour. I’ve really tried and tried to like this and to find something that makes me think that there is something remotely okay in there, but I can’t find anything, I really can’t, I’ve tried, trust me.

    In terms of the Street Fighter references within this game, it adopts everything in the style of the best selling fighting franchise, except the actual fighting. The intro animation is a nod to Ryu punching the screen, but instead has a lookalike character bopping up and down holding a few playing cards, before lugging them at the screen. The menu and character selection are very similar to the classic Street Fighter 2 and it even has the map with the plane flying to another country, the country of your opponent. That, however is where the references stop as after a short loading screen players are presented with a green table, some chips and a deck of cards. Each match as 10 rounds and the winner is the one who wins 10 rounds first or completely wiped out the other players’ chips. It’s just a game of Blackjack, a basic game of 21, that’s all it is, even after all the Street Fighter styled build up, its just an underwhelming game of pressing the A button occasionally and maybe the X button depending on how you decide to play.

    There really isn’t anything to the gameplay here with there being the use of around three buttons in total. The gameplay is that basic and dull that local multiplayer can be played with one controller. It’s just a pointless game in my opinion, a dull experience that has as much personality as a Brussel Sprout. This isn’t a fun game, it’s a game of chance, with no skill in anyway shape or form required. The fact that there is no online mode just adds insult to injury. The fact that there is money being charged for this is kind of insulting. It’s as basic as basic can be and even with all the Street Fighter references in the world, it’s just Blackjack. The fact that they haven’t even added an online mode is a missed opportunity to make a dull experience slightly more competitive. It wouldn’t make it anymore fun necessarily but it would certainly mix things up a bit if you could press A and X a few times with someone in Australia.

    Visually it has tried to adopt the Street Fighter 2 style in terms of its characters and layouts, the cartoon graphical style that was so renowned in the early 90’s. The issue here is even that doesn’t look very good and hasn’t been done very well at all. It looks lazy and dull, with a washed out colour palette that just makes this game more dreary than it already is. I just don’t get why this has even been released because there are so many better alternatives that are not only essentially the same game, but they’re free too. Anyone with a basic smart phone, laptop or pc will be able to play blackjack for absolutely nothing. The fact that money is being charged for this leaves a mark on me. This game isn’t very good, it isn’t fun, it has unfulfilling gameplay and thought it was being clever by putting some Street Fighter references in there. It’s not clever, it’s rubbish, plain and simple.

    A copy of the game was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 1
    Graphics 4.5
    Audio 2
    Replay Value 2.5
    Value For Money 2
    Super Blackjack Battle 2

    Unless you are a collector of Blackjack video games, stay well clear of this. It’s dull, dreary, underwhelming and probably should have been free.

    • It can be turned off
    • It is so boring and dull, even for a blackjack game
    • No online multiplayer
    • Badly done Street Fighter UI
    • There’s no battling
    • There’s nothing ‘Turbo’ about it
    • It’s definitely not Super

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