Table Top Racing: World Tour Preview

Table Top Racing: World Tour was developed and published by Playrise Digital and is due for release 10th March 2017, you can pre order it now from the Xbox Store priced at £11.99/$14.99. Check out our preview above…

Game Description:
Pint-Sized Powered-Up Racing! Get behind the wheel of 16 ultra-cool, fully tunable miniaturized racing cars and take on 32 race tracks and some devious opponents through a comprehensive ‘Championship Mode’ and a multitude of ‘Special Events’. Get online for an 8 player multi-player battle and become the ultimate Table Top racer! Crush your enemies using cunning ‘Power-ups’ and unique ‘Wheel Weapons’ and blast your way to victory! Miniaturized, combat racing has never looked so good or been so much fun.

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