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The Talon Media Remote is designed to be used with an Xbox One that has been setup to use a digital set top box, TV antenna or you simply use a lot of streaming service apps. Check out our review for for the lowdown..

The PDP Talon media remote works with both Xbox One and Xbox One S, You will need a Kinect or separate IR blaster to connect the remote if you have an older Xbox One, and it will work out of the box if you have an Xbox One S as that has an IR blaster built in. There’s already an official Xbox One remote out there, but the Talon Media remote beats it by far.

The amount of functions available on the Talon media remote will make it the only remote you’ll need once you have tour TV and cable or satellite box up and running through your Xbox. you’ll find all the buttons you need to control the majority of the functions of a set top box including the record button. there’s also channel buttons again not available on the official media remote.

For those that really only use their Xbox One for streaming apps, the remote comes in real handy here too, navigating through the Xbox One dashboard is a breeze with the remote and finding your apps, movies and TV shows can all be done at the press of a button as the remote has all three of the buttons needed right in the center. using the remote with the lights down is also a breeze as it has motion activated back lights so all the buttons can be easily seen in the dark. Its rubberised texture also gives it a feel of quality. The remote requires two AAA batteries that come supplied.

Product was supplied for the purpose of this review
Value for money 9
Quality 9
Features 9
Talon Media Remote

Coming in at $19.99 (around £15), the Talon Media Remote is definitely worth picking up if you watch a lot of TV/streaming services through your Xbox One. although you'll have to invest in a Kinect or IR blaster if you own an older Xbox One., it will work straight out of the box with an Xbox One S. Hands down it beats the official media remote by far on both price and features. If you're looking at getting a media remote for your Xbox One look no further.

  • Works out of the box with Xbox One S
  • Lots of buttons compared to official remote.
  • Needs Kinect or separate IR blaster for older Xbox One

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