Tennis In The Face Review

Tennis in the face is the latest release on the Xbox store from 10 tons, it was originally released 18/11/15 on steam and is finally making it’s way to the Xbox One, will tennis in the face be a slap in the face? Read our review to find out…

  • Developer: Ten Tons
  • Publisher: Ten Tons
  • Release Date: 09/12/16
  • PEGI Rating: 7+
  • Players: 1
  • Download size: 150.13MB
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Price: £3.99
  • Tennis in the face is weirdly the predecessor of Baseball Riot but is finally making it’s mark on the Xbox One now after Baseball Riot Landed 08/12/15 you can read our review for that HERE. Tennis in the face tells the tale of Pete Pagassi who’s career was ended when he became addicted to Explodz a highly addictive energy drink, after being admitted into rehab Pete decides to declare war on Explodz and take everyone and everything down thats linked with the brand!

    The gameplay in Tennis in the Face isn’t actually a simulation tennis game with an attitude problem like you’d take from it’s name, it’s a physics based puzzler much like Baseball Riot and Clowns In The Face (clowns in the face is an upcoming game from ten tons, check out the flash beta version HERE) The aim of the game is to knock down all of the enemies on the level using the least amount of tennis balls and or explodz cans. The “world” so to speak is setup as a metro map with 8 different locations , each location is setup of 16 squares containing a mixture of levels, special levels and stats with 1 square in each location being the metro station leading to the next area, all of this said the campaign will take some time to finish, especially if you’re wanting to try and wipe out each level with the least amount of shots to achieve the crown at the end of it!

    With cartoon styled graphics this bright and colourful game can be played by almost all ages, i’ve played it for several hours and enjoyed it even more than Baseball Riot, personally i’m not a one hit wonder when playing this type of game i like to play through as many levels as possibly then go back and attempt to “gold star” them all or in this case gold crown them! Difficulty wise an advanced gamer should breeze through most levels but that doesn’t mean to say a novice wouldn’t be able to complete the game without too much stress or pressure

    Gameplay 7
    Graphics 6
    Audio 5.5
    Replay Value 7
    Value For Money 10
    Tennis In The Face

    Tennis in the face is one of the addictive little puzzle games you play in between the bigger titles, you can play for a few minutes or sit for a full night completing all of the challenges and obtaining all of the crowns, it's simple to play style and comical characters are enjoyable to beat down with a tennis ball, if you enjoy physics based puzzle games I'd advise you check it out and for £3.99 it's pretty much pocket change!

    • Easy to play physics based puzzle game
    • Decent game for all of the family
    • Extremely good value for money
    • Audio can become annoying over time

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