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‘Tom Clancy’s The Division is an online action-RPG set in an immersive & realistic urban open world.Everything starts on Black Friday, when a devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City, and society starts to collapse into chaos. You are humanity’s last hope: a member of The Division, a unit of sleeper agents activated to save what remains.’

The Division is one of Ubisoft’s new IPs which unlike some of its more recent attempts at something new, really delivers something new despite a couple of things not living up to the hype. Now, hopping straight into the game the thing I first saw was the character customisation. Greeted by an opening cinematic and my randomly generated Agent I hopped straight into the customisation and was rather underwhelmed by the options. Set faces, very limited hair styles and other options the whole thing was rather empty but offered a decent enough variety to satisfy, although a lot more could’ve been done.


The game runs extremely well with no frame rate dips and almost no affect from lag, only the visuals have sadly had a much larger downgrade than what could have been anticipated but they are still definitely something to enjoy when exploring New York, especially in light snow. Sadly, there is very little in the story and very little of it actually makes sense until right near the end but with multiple expansions announced and certain events at the end taking place we can assume that these expansions will beef up the story a little which The Division is badly lacking.

All of that aside however… The Division is extremely fun, especially with friends. Weather just exploring the city or killing bosses for loot it is an experience made up of a lot of the same but it works and is done in a way that is fun. There is variety in the enemies and each faction has there own personalities and motives that are exposed as you play. Taking the time to listen to what they were saying I even found myself agreeing with some of the points they raise, something very rare in games where it is usually ‘these are the bad guys and you just have to gun them down cause they’re basically drones.’


Gunplay works fantastically, rewarding consideration of attachments and the ability to know the strengths and weaknesses of your weapons. There is no ‘best weapon’ since it also comes down to bonuses and how you build your character so there is a nice element of balance, which also applies to the Dark Zone PvP. Looting isn’t all that great since it is basically a dice roll on what you get. Higher level enemies will drop more rare weapons and bosses have guaranteed drops but what you get is completely random. While yes it does make sense but it would be a random drops I still feel like something could’ve been done for mission rewards such as a choice of gear to pick from.

The Dark Zone is where thing get really interesting though. A bracket based PvP area with PvE and plenty of loot, you and your friends will be finding yourselves here a lot. People wanting a single player experience here? It’s basically a game of trust since other Agents can turn on you at any time and steal your loot for themselves since unlike outside the Dark Zone all loot is visible to every player. The majority of players will go about their own business but you can almost guarantee a group of Agents will go Rogue (have triggered PvP and have a bounty). You also earn credits in the Dark Zone to buy gear and can get High-End one-of-a-kind weapons from vendors there also.

This game was purchased by the reviewer
Gameplay 9.5
Graphics 8.9
Audio 8.5
Replay Value 9.5
Value for Money 9
The Division

Summary: The Division is one of Ubisoft's better games. While it doesn't live up to the initial hype it is definitely a game that is worth the purchase and has next to no issues with it. Besides being extremely polished the game's visuals and soundtrack are well done and it offers a great experience for groups. The only downside to the game is the story being a massive let-down and some of the initial customisation isn't up to par but once you get past that The Division still has a lot to offer and is definitely one of the better games to come out of this year.

  • Fun to play in groups
  • Brilliant world
  • Well done gunplay
  • RPG elements also done well
  • Lack of story
  • Lack of character facial customisation

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