The Surge 20 Minutes of Gameplay

The Surge was developed by Deck 13 and published by Focus Home Interactive it’s due for release on 16th May 2017 priced at £49.99/$59.99/€59.99 check out our preview above…

The Surge is a game about the mega corporation CREO which has an overall plan to save the world, A catastrophic event has knocked you out on your first day on the job, once you awake you realise you’ve been equipped with a heavy grade exoskeleton in a destroyed section of the complex, with worker robots going haywire, insane augmented co-workers and rogue AI pretty much everything wants you dead.

Defeat deadly enemies and huge bosses in tight, visceral melee combat. Target specific limbs and smash them off your foes, with a next-gen loot system where you loot what you dismember! Equip, upgrade and craft new weapons and armors sliced from enemies, and make yourself stronger through a fresh take on leveling-up

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