Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Review

Dev: Ubisoft Paris
Pub: Ubisoft
Released: 04/10/19
Players: 1-8 online
Size: 53.83 GB
Price: £59.99/$59.99/€69.99
Xbox One X Enhanced: Yes

Tom Clancy’s Breakpoint is a tactical shooter and open world game. You are the character called ‘Nomad’ a survivor of a failed mission to the island of Auroa. Jon Bernthal plays Walker a ghost that’s gone rouge he also has his team of ‘wolves’. The island of Auroa is owned by the company Skell Technology that create drones that kill. You can have a squad up to four people to traverse the islands biomes and deal with the Skell and Wolves as you upgrade, find new blueprints for weapons, attachments and find new armour while levelling up and choosing what class and skills to pick up along the way.

As I played Breakpoint solo it became fairly apparent not long after starting I’d have to choose the stealth class not that the game is overbearingly hard when playing alone but if you’re trying to wipe out a considerably large base where your likely to get noticed you’d just get mowed down or completely surrounded very quickly making it quite frustrating especially if you were to get stuck during a mission.

Speaking of frustration something that has bothered me quite considerably is that even if you have a physical copy of the game you can’t even play it solo offline. This to me is ridiculous because the gameplay is solid, it’s fun and yes it can be difficult at times but it’s got the right balance. It’s just that you have to be online to play it there might as well be no solo game if you have to be online.

Back to the gameplay, there are four classes with their own skill trees you can go through and develop the more you level up. The sheer amount of weapons armour and upgrades makes customisation for your character builds wide open. While this is definitely great for those who are enthusiastic about their weapons and general character customisation you might as well go for weapons with the most accuracy as headshots do more work than anything else.

Traveling around Auroa feels like there are many duplications of the same structures this makes Breakpoints traveling much less engaging for the players making the game world completely uninteresting and essentially makes the only parts of the game that is worth the buy is the story that is pretty much carried with Jon’s energy and the combat.

There is also the dialogue system that as far as I can tell doesn’t really effect the story but has very subtle dialogue changes. Then there is the survivability of the game where you craft items and manage resources. You also can carry water that you can use to refill your stamina if needed while in combat. The overall visuals of the game look amazing but there’s not really a stand out flair while playing the game making everything look a bit bland the more you get used to the game however that doesn’t take away from the quality of the cut scenes because it is great how they have put actual effort into ‘Nomad’ and the rest of the other characters.

Microtransactions are prominent in Ubisoft games and it only effects the campaign as far as I know but I’m not spending a single penny on Breakpoint but this could also be a reason why they made it frustrating for those who want a solo experience as they are forced to be online to see the micro transactions and potentially fall for buying them. PvP as a whole is called ‘Ghost War’ it’s set as 4v4 Death matches or Sabotage matches anyone who likes the gameplay of the game but would like to give themselves more of a challenge would enjoy the online especially since your going against another player rather than an enemy bot.

A copy of the game was provided for this review by the developer/publisher

Gameplay 8
Graphics 9
Audio 7
Replay Value 5
Value for Money 5
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Overall the best parts of the game right now is the PvP and the combat in general, I know the game itself would be more fun the more people you play with but I wanted to try and experience this game solo but with the server resets your essentially stuck out the game till they come back up. It makes it frustrating when if you want to play this solo you simply cant unless you have online and the servers are up. The story is okay and so are the visuals but they are nothing to be astounded by. As the game gets updated and hopefully DLC’s get released the better the game will improve overall making it a much more enjoyable game, preferably for solo players.

  • Decent combat
  • Good PvP
  • Great gun customisation
  • Bland Graphics
  • Online requirements for solo play
  • Frustrating playing alone

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