Trailblazers Review

  • Dev: Supergonk
  • Pub: Rising Star Games
  • Released: 09/05/18
  • PEGI/ESRB: 3/E
  • Players: 1-4 Local 2-6 Online
  • Size: 1.32 GB
  • Price: £23.99/$29.99/€29.99
  • Xbox One X Enhanced: No
  • After watching the trailer for Trailblazers I was pretty excited about what it promised. Fast paced racing with true coop gameplay. Did it finish in first place? Or did it end up in a pile of scrap in a ditch off the road?

    Trailblazers is a fast paced racing game set in a sci fi landscape. Hover cars and wacky tracks are your home as you work with your team to paint the track in your colours which offer a boost to your team when you fly over it. The other teams are also painting the track and will try to scupper your plans by blasting a stream of paint right up your rear end sending you into a spin. That’s basically it. It has a lengthy one player mode which lets you work out all the ins and outs of the game while trying out all of the racers. All of the racers have different styles of play. Some like Cid a lizard like truck stop guy who drives a flying pickup truck is very good at painting the track. He is terrible at boosting. People like Lucas are amazing at boosting but are horrible at painting.

    Team work is key in this game it’s not just as simple as winning the race. The winning team is determined by how many points the whole group has obtained throughout the race. After a while however single player got a tad boring to me and the characters themselves although they looked cool the corny acting from them really grated on me. Repetitive little soundbites from each of them made me want to switch off the sound to be honest. What I was really interested was online play so I could play coop with other people.

    I jumped onto the multiplayer and set up the lobby and I waited for players… and waited… and waited… and waited. No one was playing in Europe. Cross platform too! So I changed the region to North America east. Then west. The cycled through all the other region. Not one player on the online lobby. I really hope that it was something to do with my internet because this game is designed to be played online with friends and it was a shame I never got a chance to try it out. I did however manage to play a game with bots online with one of my mates. The bad thing was teams are random! I couldn’t pick to be on his team and out of the ten games we played together not once were we on the same team. The whole experience was underwhelming for me and a huge let down. Trailblazers has so much potential but as a single player game it just doesn’t work.

    The Graphics are gorgeous and the character designs are really cool. I didn’t seem to get any lag while racing however online with my friend Shaun I did get a little lag here and there. The cartoony feel really brought the whole feel of the game to a head and it works. There was a few occasions where I used an attack on Shaun he span out on my TV but not on his. All in all the graphics were a success and definitely not the let-down of the game.

    Now… back in the day I was a huge fan of the whole DJ scratch in game when changing settings and moving the curser around. I’ve grown up now and it just got annoying for me. So that and with the combination of the horrible soundbite acting for the characters the audio was a major upset for me. Although the game has a full soundtrack with some great music so that’s a plus. It was all recorded very well and it sounds great through headphones and speakers.

    The game has some replayability in the way of finishing off the singleplayer campaign or if you have friends over you can play split screen. However if you’re an online gamer you’re going to be let down as no one seems to be playing the game… For the price of the game you’d expect something more than just a single player campaign although lengthy it’s really just the same thing over and over with different racers. If the online community picks up then it’s would be well worth the price but for now I’d wait for a sale.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 5
    Graphics 7
    Audio 5
    Replay Value 4.6
    Value for Money 5.5

    Trailblazers has a great concept one that would be amazing with a good multiplayer community. But it just isn’t there. What your left with is a single player or split screen game that doesn’t offer to much in the way of customisation or anything so there isn’t anything to work towards. Unfortunate.

    • Great Graphics
    • Good Music
    • Great Concept
    • Boring single player
    • No online Community
    • Annoying soundbites

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