Train Sim World Review

  • Dev: Dovetail Games
  • Pub: Dovetail Games
  • Released: 24/07/18
  • PEGI/ESRB: 3/E
  • Players: 1
  • Size: 8.35 GB
  • Price: £39.99/$49.99/€49.99
  • Xbox One X Enhanced:
  • Back in March (2018) Train Sim World Founders Edition released on Xbox, unfortunately it wasn’t up to par with its PC counterpart. With numerous bugs and performance issues it just didn’t feel finished. 5 months later and a few updates later Train Sim World has been released. replacing the Founders Edition of the game, with two extra ‘packs’ featuring Rapid Transit set in Leipzig Germany and North East Corridor set in and around New York. As well as the Great Western Express that was the only inclusion in the Founders Edition. It does cost more to buy the newer version of the game by around £15, however if you did purchase the game while it was under the founders edition you will be given the option to upgrade with a discounted price.

    Moving on, The gameplay has been improved quite a lot since the last time I played the game. with massive improvements on performance, screen tearing has now gone along with the framerate issues. Assets now seem to load alot better when travelling at higher speeds, which was horrendous before. The sounds also all now perform as they should, with noise levels gaining and reducing as you open and close doors and windows, with horns also sounding just like they should and not all broken.

    Just as with the Founders edition, Great Western Express gives you access to two passenger trains and a freight locomotive, set in the UK between Reading and London-Paddington, I went into more detail about these in my original review so I’ll just move straight on to the other expansions. First off we’ll start with Rapid Transit, here you take control of a DB BR 1442 passenger train on the S-Bahn S2-Line through the city of Leipzig, there’s tutorials to get you used to the trains controls along with 5 scenarios to complete, all having 45 Minutes expected completion time, also there’s the Service Mode which gives you non-stop 24hr access to the line where you can pretty much do as you want. Stand and watch the trains go by, sit and ride along the line as a passenger or simply control any train you want. Not my preferred trains as I stated in my original review I prefer Freight stuff.

    Speaking of which and moving on to the Northeast Corridor expansion, This features two train types, starting off with the CSX GP38-2 freight train, yes that’s right, for all those that wanted CSX from the beginning it is now part of the game. There’s 3 scenarios for the GP38-2 that will take 35-40 minutes each, there’s also a free roaming of sorts in the scenarios for shunting and moving freight around, so this should tick all the right boxes for you freight fanatics. You also have access to the Amtrak ACS-64 passenger train, again there’s 3 scenarios for this, taking 20-25 minutes each to complete. You can of course access the 24hr Service mode for these too, giving hundreds of hours of playtime in all.

    There’s still a couple of things that need attention, the draw distance for example could do with looking at, the zoom function that is available on the PC version of the game is still missing and would be very helpful for getting a closer look at some of the smaller buttons etc. I would also like see an addition of a livery editor of sorts, as there’s the option to change liveries on the trains, but there’s still only an alternate one for the Class 66 in GWE.

    Gameplay 8
    Graphics 8
    Audio 8
    Replay Value 7
    Value for Money 8
    Train Sim World

    It's great to see Dovetail fix the major issues that were present in Founders Edition. If you stayed away from the game because of them and the lack of content then you should definitely check it out now. Yes the Price has gone up, but only by £15 which is great to say there's now more than double the content that was previously available.

    • More content added
    • Visual and audio issues have been dealt with
    • Still no zoom function

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