Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line Review

Dev: Dovetail Games
Pub: Dovetail Games
Released: 23/05/19
Players: 1
Size: 5.15 GB
Price: £24.99/$29.99/€29.99
Xbox One X Enhanced: Yes

Tees Valley Line, the latest expansion for Train Sim World features the Darlington & Stockton Railway, with services for passengers and steel haulage. As with all expansions for TSW. Tees Valley Line comes with 5 Scenarios for you to complete, as well as the 24 hour service mode.

There’s definitely something about pulling long trains of coal and general shunting I really like, and Tees Valley Line provides it by the bucket load. It’s almost a UK version of CSX, just with slightly less impressive looking locos.

Ready to haul some coal.

Out of the five available scenarios, I found the Coal Hauler one to be the most challenging, with plenty of red signals along the route it’s about maintaining control of the train without overshooting and failing. Stopping a fully laden train going above 40 mph is more deceptive than it appears.

The service mode is what gives each expansion its long lifespan, with loads of services to run how and when you choose. or even just sit and ride as a passenger, jumping off at each station to check for collectibles.

Making a stop at the Airport.

It’s a nice era of British Rail, and a nice varied section of the network to be added to the game. I do like the variation in scenery. There’s everything from industrial sidings, rolling countryside, suburbs, seaside towns and even an airport stop along the route.

Visually the game has stayed the same, since it was last overhauled, so there’s still some little niggles, the odd frame jump here and there, but nothing too troublesome. The same goes for the audio, with horns still needing some work.

A copy of the game was provided for this review by the developer/publisher

Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Audio 7
Replay Value 7
Value for Money 5
TSW: Tees Valley Line

Tees Valley Line focuses a little more on the Haulage side, with a steel works and coal yard offering up some heavy haulage UK style. There's also a passenger service available too. If you're into TSW then this one's a must.

  • Varied scenery
  • Coal and Steel haulage
  • Little bit pricey

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