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The new range of Headsets from Turtle Beach are called Atlas, Featuring three models from the high end Elite Atlas to the mid Atlas Three and low end Atlas One. We were sent a review unit of the Atlas One to check out.

While it says built for PC on the Box, it also states that it is compatible with Consoles and devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack built in to them. Pretty much standard fare for all devices these days. The Atlas One is the cheapest Headset in the range coming in at £39.99/$49.95/€49.99 (according the the Turtle Beach website at the time of typing) though that doesn’t mean they’ve cut corners on materials used. The ear cups feature leatherette wrapped memory foam for comfort. and while they are very soft on the ears they do still give you ‘sweaty ears’ after wearing them for a while, I personally prefer cloth covered ear cups and feel like this should be an option as standard, or like the Hyperx CloudX come with interchangeable ear cup covers.

The ear cups also feature Turtle Beach’s patented ProSpecs system that has a much softer foam piece that relieves prssure for players that wear glasses. While I personally don’t wear them, I did stick a pair of sunglasses on to try this out, I didn’t feel like they were pressing into my head at all, but as stated I don’t wear glasses myself, so cannot fully comment on how this differs to most other brands.

Features of the headset include a mute function that activates when the mic is turned upwards, I found this to be a neat function that eliminates the need for fumbling around with an in-line switch. the headset also has an overall volume control on the back of the ear cup, meaning that on Xbox One you have to set your chat and game levels in the audio settings, this may not be to everyone’s liking. You will of course need to purchase a separate chat adapter if using an original Xbox One controller.

the headset feels comfortable with a good amount of clamping from the headband that doesn’t make it feel too tight. the headband is also reinforced with steel making it much more durable. here’s hoping it becomes a staple of future Turtle Beach headsets. Usually TB headsets feature a splash of colour depending on which brand their made for, Xbox green, and Playstation Blue. The Atlas however is all black, with a carbon fibre effect over the headband and half of the ear cups. Making them look really sleek, and personally much more prefferable to the aforementioned colour accents.

Audio is good too, the 40mm speakers provide great audio range, though do seem to be a little less accurate on the extreme low and high end of the spectrum compared to that produced by bigger speakers, they are however tuned to make the most out of Windows Sonic, available on both PC and Xbox One. The microphone provides clear voice communication, and as always was tested during Xbox live party chats where it was noted to be no different from my usual headset, that being Turtle Beach XO One’s. I’ve struggled to find a headset that produces as good a quality microphone audio that matches My XO One’s (I use this for everything, Podcasts, YouTube videos, Steams etc.) So it great to see that the Atlas One matches this and is a huge plus for it.

Product was supplied for this review
Audio 8.5
Build Quality 9
Comfort 9
Value For Money 9.5
Turtle Beach Atlas One

The Turtle Beach Atlas One offers great value for money, with features such as the metal reinforced headband and flip-up mic mute that are normally seen in headsets of higher value. Its single colour design with carbon fibre effect also gives it a sleek stylish look. Decent audio from both earphones and mic make this a winner at less than £40.

  • Very Comfortable.
  • Clear Microphone
  • Great build quality
  • decent audio
  • No in-line controls may not be for everyone.
  • 'Sweaty ears'

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