Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon Chat Headset

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon Chat Headset is an open ear cup chat headset for the Xbox One it has been created to replace the Microsoft chat headset which would have came with your Xbox One, is it a strong contender? Take a look at our review to find out…

To start things off I’d like to explain that I’m reviewing this headset as a chat headset which I would personally class as an entry level headset, I won’t be comparing it to the likes of the Turtle Beach XO4’s it’s a chat headset with a single ear cup which you would expect to not have many features, surprisingly this little £15/$20 headset caught me off guard at just how good it can be.

If you watch the unboxing which I’ll embed into this review you will see it comes in a rather small box and in 2 parts, it’s simply a case of sliding the headband into the ear cup then again into position to fit onto your head, you’ll notice you have a mic mute button and volume control about halfway down the aux cable just like on the Microsoft chat headset, once you look at the ear cup is where you’ll notice the differences, this little sucker has a 40mm speaker built into an over-ear cup which also has cutouts in place for users with glasses, they have named this Turtle Beach Specsfit. I for one am of the 4 eyed variety and have had some pain in the side of my head over the years of gaming being unable to find a headset that doesn’t feel like I’m going to achieve death by glasses, on top of the 40mm speaker, Specsfit and over ear designed ear cup the headband which is just a piece of black plastic comes with padding in all of the right places, sadly it does feel like the headband could break easily but as long as you’re not rough with it I can’t see it being an issue! Throughout my time using this chat headset I’ve never found it uncomfortable and at times have forgotten I’ve been wearing it due to how light it is, this all adds to an overall comfortable experience.

Now so far I’ve talked about certain specs and comfort but it’s time to talk about the audio quality, the microphone is an omnidirectional mic with “crystal clear chat” when I first used this headset I plugged it into a turtle beach adapter on my controller, at this point it was feeding game audio and chat audio through the headset and I managed to set the chat and game audio levels perfectly obviously this is a chat headset and was designed simply for party chat audio in mind, I plugged the headset into my Xbox controllers 3.5mm port and tested out its functionality, I could hear the party just as clear as I would a more expensive gaming headset but obviously this time no game chat was fed through, when asking how my microphone sounded to other members of the Xbox party it was noted that it sounded superior when coming through the turtle beach adapter rather than straight into the controller but both were above acceptable especially for a chat headset. Just before I wrap this up I’d like to point out this headset can be used on Xbox One with an adapter or Xbox controller with built-in 3.5mm port and can also be used on PS4, PS4 Pro and mobile devices, I’ve tested this on my phone and it worked great!

Audio 8
Build Quality 6
Comfort 10
Value For Money 9.5
Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon Chat Headset

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon Chat Headset is a generous upgrade from the standard chat headset you received with your console, priced at only £15/$20 it is amazing value for money, I personally preferred using it with a turtle beach adapter which is sold separately, it was complemented in party chat due to how clear it sounded for such a cheap entry level chat headset, the Specsfit worked as it should and overall as a package was fantastic, the only slight drawback is that it has a slightly flimsy feeling headband which for the price and audio quality isn’t something that would worry me.

  • Extremely light and comfortable
  • Specsfit works a treat
  • Decent audio for an entry level chat headset
  • Compatible with multiple consoles/devices
  • Headband feels flimsy

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