Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+ Review

The Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+ is a fully wireless headset made by Turtle Beach, it is an upgrade to the Stealth 420X. Officially licensed by Xbox and compatible with mobile, this fully wireless headset is something to shout about!


Turtlebeach have went with a “Less is more” approach with the hardware on this headset, as you can see in the unboxing video you get a USB adapter, a headset, a microphone, a charge cable and a mobile cable, what a lot of people will be thinking is where’s the rest? But thats the beauty of the 420X+ you don’t need a docking station or a million cables, simply a USB adapter which plugs into the xbox and you’re ready to go enjoying the amazing sound quality which is produced from the 50mm speakers.

The build quality is what you would expect from a premium headset with its perforated synthetic leather foam filled earcups and headband, the perforations help your ears breath when playing and as a result stop excess sweating,. Removable Mic with a “gooseneck” adjustable boom and LED Turtle Beach logo’s on the outside of each earcup, with the right LED also doubling up as the power/enhanced super human hearing button the only drawback i have found is that the headset itself is all plastic, it does feel sturdy and like it could take a beating although i would have liked to have seen some metal in the frame or headband. i’ve been using this headset everyday for 2 weeks now with it being quite light at times i’ve forgot i’m wearing it, you can also take from that how comfortable it is to wear, the foam filled ear cups which sit over your ear rest lightly on the side of your head instead of pushing on the top and bottom of your ears like other headsets.


The audio quality delivered from the 50mm speakers has to be one of the best audio experiences i have had using a wireless headset, everything is crystal clear this can be tailored to your liking with 4 presets Natural, Bass Boost, Vocal Boost, and Bass/Treble Boost, my personal favourite was bass boost but depending on your taste you may want to try another preset. An extra added feature to the 420X+ is Turtle Beach’s Super Human Hearing Technology when you press the power button it enables this feature which in a nutshell lets you hear footsteps and vehicles etc in game a further distance away compared to other headsets, i used this feature a fair bit when i was playing alone, for stealth and fps games it helps immensely although when playing socially it did crackle the party chat slightly due to the increased gain.


Personally i’m a sucker for anything which makes life easier, for example the USB adapter which comes with the 420X+ has been created to make setting the headset up to your console as easy as can possibly be! Something else which i loved was the audio dialog which is in place whenever you change a setting on your headset, when powering on your headset you hear a ladies voice say “powering on” changing audio preset gives a audio warning stating which preset you’ve selected, i’ve had other wireless headsets which don’t have this option and i always found myself lost in which preset i had selected or would have to remove the headset to see if the LED was lit showing it was powered on, the 420X+ gives you a little more with an audio dialog for all preset, power and mic settings all of the required buttons etc are located on the right ear cup this consists of buttons and or sliders for: Power, game volume, chat volume, preset select , superhuman hearing and mic mute/unmute.

Audio 10
Build Quality 9
Comfort 10
Value For Money 8.5
Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+

For £130 the 420X+ is reasonably priced with all of its added features, i’d have liked to have seen more metal on the headset but again it does feel like it could take a beating, the headset itself has to be one of the lightest and most comfortable i’ve ever worn. The 50MM speakers offer fantastic sound and you have enough choice with the different presets, if you’re in the market for a fully wireless premium headset you should take a look at the Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+

  • Light and Comfortable
  • 50mm Speakers
  • Audio dialog whenever you change a setting
  • 15 hour battery life
  • No metal in frame

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