Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Review

Turtle Beach have been renowned for producing top quality headsets for a number of years now and have had some huge success with various different styles at prices catered towards different needs and budgets. Recently they released the Stealth 700 headset boasting wireless connection using the Xbox wireless tech meaning that no USB wireless dongle is needed. Also amongst its credentials are Bluetooth, Super Human Hearing technology and custom preset options. The Stealth 700 had initially released with some issues, mainly cutting out and losing connection while in use but a firmware update has been applied that has addressed that issue and was the current firmware version assigned to my headset upon setting it up. When first getting the headset out of its box it was clear that it looked stylish and well made.

I could go on about how it is made mainly of plastic, but while some may find this a way of cutting costs by Turtle Beach, I see it more as a practical option and I really don’t think that the fact that it’s plastic is much to be concerned about. If a headset like this was made of any other material, it would increase the weight of it considerably so the choice of material used by Turtle Beach here is understandable in keeping it as light as possible allowing for more comfort. It also has Turtle Beach’s patented and unique ProSpecs, a glasses friendly design for ear cups where the centres of the sponges are softer to allow arms of spectacles to easily fit through comfortably and being a glasses wearer myself, this is a feature that is very much appreciated. There is a rubber moulded banner on the headband with a smart looking Turtle Beach logo going across it and making it look a little more premium compared to the lower range by Turtle Beach that may just have the logo printed or embossed in the plastic.

The 50mm ear cups themselves are well made and of a good and comfortable size, fitting over the ears nicely and blocking out any external noise that could come through. The microphone is set on the earpiece and is non-removable but It can rotated up when not in use so it doesn’t get in the way. Moving the microphone up is also used for muting too and it can be pulled down to take mute off and enable chat in a party or in game. On the one ear cup are the game audio and chat volume sliders along with a toggle for the Super Human hearing option, a Bluetooth button and the on/off switch. They are all placed conveniently for ease of access and their placements are easy to remember so you don’t have to keep taking your headset off to press or adjust anything.

There is a Turtle Beach Audio Hub companion app available for download on iOS and Android that can be connected to the Stealth 700 via Bluetooth and contains all the settings and controls needed for the headset. I found the app to be a very handy tool and works just like the Stereo Headset Adapter I use on my Turtle Beach XO One headset, only it’s much more convenient than that and has more settings dedicated to the Stealth 700’s. It is a quick and convenient way of adjusting Mic Monitoring and a handy way of trying out different settings at a quick touch of a button. It’s a great additional feature and best of all its free to download too. Updating the firmware unfortunately can not be done through the app and instead has to be connected to a Mac or PC through the dedicated Turtle Beach Hub. What the app will do though is tell you if there is an update available, so you’re not needlessly connecting the headset to your computer checking if there is an update.

When it comes to sound quality through the Stealth 700’s I have to say they are absolutely fantastic. When paired with Windows Sonic surround sound on Xbox One they deliver precise and clear surround sound that is crisp and clear, with plenty of bass if required. I tried all the presets through the app and found that the Bass+Treble Boost offered the most punch while remaining crystal clear. Playing games like Forza Horizon 3 with meaty engine noises accompanied by a pumping soundtrack or Titanfall 2 with gun fire coming from all directions offered a fantastic audio experience. I found the Super Human Hearing option to be slightly more tinny sounding than anything else but it was definitely more precise when listening out for things like footsteps while playing Battlefield 1, but it isn’t a setting I would use all the time. Game audio on this headset is simply brilliant and made playing games, particularly story driven games, first person shooters and racing games even more immersive than they were before.

It doesn’t stop there though, as watching movies through the headset on the Xbox One also offers a fantastic cinema style audio experience but without the rustling of sweet packets and crunching of tortilla chips. Watching a movie with the audio coming through this headset was fantastic and offered a wonderful surround sound experience. With the Bluetooth functionality being present on the Stealth 700, hooking it up to your phone not only allows music to be played through them but it can also be set up to receive phone calls too, which worked well and offered crystal clear sound even when answering a call while gaming. Streaming your custom playlists is available at the push of the Bluetooth button on the side of the headset. The music sounds great and all the presets in the audio hub app work with music streaming too, so getting the right balance between game audio and music is done with ease.

The quality of the microphone is good although with it being placed fairly far from the mouth and not being adjustable, my voice seemed to come through slightly quieter than it does on my Turtle Beach XO One headset. Voice audio still sounded clear though and with a full adjustable mic control within the companion app, I never felt like I was shouting as I could hear the tone of my own voice coming through. As mentioned earlier, I tried using the phone function on the headset and receiving a phone call was a pleasant experience and my voice came through on a call incredibly clear. It’s unfortunate that the microphone isn’t fully adjustable in its placement as it may have helped with increasing the volume in my voice, particularly when in an Xbox party or in game chat, but that aside it’s a great performing mic despite not being of the same quality of the brilliant mic on the XO One headset, which is still the standard that a microphone on a headset is compared against.

I have to say that I have been very impressed with the time I’ve spent with the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 headset. If offers a fantastic audio experience that is fully customisable with ease through the companion app available for smart phones. I didn’t notice any cut offs or loss in audio quality and everything remained crystal clear. I am however a little disappointed with the battery life only being up to 10 hours. The slightly lower end 600 model has a battery life of 15 hours, a more reasonable amount of time and while I appreciate the 700 packs more of a punch and has a few more features, it’s still a little disappointing that there is a 5 hour difference in battery life. That aside though, this headset is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone looking at investing in a new premium headset, so whether you’re replacing your old set or whether you want a new one to accompany your shiny new Xbox One X, you can’t go far wrong with this fantastic performing headset.

Headset was provided for this review by Turtle Beach
Audio 9.5
Build Quality 8.5
Comfort 9.5
Value For Money 8.5
Turtle Beach Stealth 700

The Stealth 700 headset is another fine product from Turtle Beach and offers an absolutely fantastic audio experience when gaming on the Xbox One. It has quite a few nice little touches that shows the dedication of the team at Turtle Beach, such as the ProSpecs feature to add extra comfort for wearers of glasses. It is a comfortable, great performing and versatile headset that offers a number of uses, including being used on phones for making and receiving calls, even while gaming. While the battery life is a little disappointing at only 10 hours, it certainly isn’t a deal breaker. The microphone isn’t the best I’ve experienced, but it’s certainly no slouch and offers a good, clear, albeit slightly quieter than usual performance. The price may seem steep but with the amount of tasks this headset can handle at once and the fact that the audio quality is absolutely fantastic, it’s difficult not to recommend this brilliant headset.

  • Fantastic Audio
  • Stylish design
  • Can be used on smart phones for music & making calls
  • Audio Hub app is a nice companion
  • Lots of features and functions to customise audio experience
  • 10 Hour battery is a little disappointing
  • Mic positioning isn’t adjustable

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