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‘Daniel was just an average guy. He was a great videogame player, a big fan of sci-fi movies, and a novice RPG player. In the midst of an RPG, he was teleported to a castle. At first, Daniel believed that he was having a massive hallucination.’

Developed and published by EnjoyUp Games Unepic is a fun, parody dungeon crawler RPG which makes a lot of references to many games and films while giving the player a sense of mystery and plenty of laughs. When the game starts with a group of guys sat around a table playing a Dungeons and Dragons-like game debating the various effects of their characters in the game. When going for a quick toilet break you then realise that you aren’t in your friend’s house anymore but in a castle and must now unlock it’s mysteries.

Right away the game puts you into the tutorial section where you get introduced to a few of the basic elements of the game such as fighting enemies, how to use items and navigate the menus etc. When playing through the tutorial you quickly get a sense of what the game is going to be like; a comedic parody of your usual RPG and dungeon crawlers while still keeping the serious storyline of ‘defeat the evil guy behind everything and find the truth.’ Being a parody and focusing on humour, Unepic has plenty of references to other games which players will recognise as they make their way through the castle.


Gameplay is fairly simple but can have the potential to get a lot more complex as things go on. You attack using one button while obviously jumping and ducking to avoid your enemies, simple enough right? Nope, you also have many different weapon types in the game, each of which only affect certain enemies. Besides that, you also have spells and potions which can be used for attacking enemies or buffing yourself and you’ve also got enemies capable of doing the same to you. On top of all this you have individual character stats to level up as well as clothes to find so there is plenty of character customisation for you to go through. The game has its main quest, find the master of the castle and stop him, but on your journey you will come across other side-quests to carry out which also gives you extra stuff to do and promotes exploration of the castle.

When going around the castle you’ll also notice that items have many different rarities which also gives players incentive to explore even more of the castle to get all the unique items. These items are extremely useful, especially the Halo, which allows you to return to a safe zone where you can heal and save the game so if you’re in a hurry to get back or walk into a fight you can’t finish you can hop right out. Even though it is very simple to begin with, as you progress you start to see that the gameplay actually goes pretty in-depth.

The visuals and audio in the game work extremely well. It has the old 2D pixelated style to the game, fairly reminiscent of Castlevania with a nice soundtrack which really captures the fantasy elements of the game that there are. Both of these things come together to work well in the game. The only issue with the game I have is that the status effects that enemies put on you last way too long! Or, at least that’s how I felt since I could go from max health to none really quick just because of poison, and while these effects are punishing it gets really annoying especially at lower levels when you’re starting out.

Summary: Unepic is a great comedic take on dungeon crawlers with great additions of humour and references which is highly appealing and features a main character just like the audience: a gamer! Which leads to players sharing some of the same views as the main character at points in the game. There is nice gameplay which can be very basic for less experienced players but even appeals to advanced players also by going a lot more in depth as you progress, with a loot system and other things rewarding you for exploration. Visuals and soundtrack take the player back to more classic RPG platformers. If you’re looking for something new, entertaining and a bit different Unepic is the game for you.

EnjoyUp Games supplied a download code for this review

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