Unknown Fate Review

Dev: MarsLit Games
Pub: MarsLit Games
Released: 24/04/19
Players: 1
Size: 3.85 GB
Price: £14.99/$14.49/€14.99
Xbox One X Enhanced: No

Unknown Fate on the surface looks an intriguing title, wandering around a strange world, solving puzzles while working out what happened to protagonist Richard.

However, all is not as it seems, as soon as the game starts you’re met with sub-par voice acting, that is almost drowned out by the background music, I did search for otions to alter this but could’t find any audio options whatsoever. This coupled with the bad voice acting makes it very difficult to follow the story.

At the start of the game, Unknown fate is nothing more than a walking simulator, which too is a painful experience, there’s so many points throughout the game where you can get snagged on the smallest thing, it becomes frustrating, more so when having to jump making you miss your mark and fall forcing a respawn to the beginning of the area, even more so when you make the jump, only to land on the very edge of a platform to slowly slide off..

puzzle elements are introduced gradually, gaining access to 3 different artifacts as you play, each with their own puzzle solving powers. The first is a gun of sorts that you fire at targets to get platforms to ove into their correct positions, with a secondary function that is used to activate certain targets. This artifact is also your go-to for fighting enemies. of which there’s one type and are very easy to kill, a simple blast of the secondary to stun them, and three shots of the primary to the glowing orb on their tail to finish them off.

About halfway into the game you’ll find the next artifact, this one will enable you to interact with certain blocks and platforms by moving them around the area and rotating them. The final artifact appears towards the end of the game, this one allows you to slow down certain objects, by firing an orb at the objects control point and using the secondary action to explode the orb causing the moving object to slow down for a short time.

The latter part of the game where all 3 artifacts have to be used is probably the best part, taking it away from being a walking sim and being an actual puzzle adventure, though still not very complex. I wanted to enjoy my time with Unknown Fate, but it just felt a little lacklustre. I gave up on trying to immerse myself with the story due to the audio issues, and by the halfway point I was bored.

Visually I like the style both in the main game, and the striking monotones used in the memory cut scenes. The music is good to, though too overpowering to hear the voice acting correctly.

Gameplay 4
Graphics 7.5
Audio 2
Replay Value 3
Value for Money 4
Unknown Fate

Unknown Fate is a nice game to look at, however it's very lacklustre in all other areas. The voice acting and poor volume levels made it difficult to get into the story. Puzzle elements are spread out to much and not very challenging, making the game feel more like a walking sim.

  • Nice visuals
  • Bad voice acting
  • Audio volumes not correct
  • Puzzle element picks up too late

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