Worms W.M.D Review

Worms W.M.D takes the classic gameplay of the Worms franchise to the next level, adding new weapons, crafting, buildings and vehicles! It claims to be “the best worms experience ever”. So how does it stack up to this claim? Read our review below to find out..

  • Dev: Team17
  • Pub: Team17
  • Release Date: 23/8/16
  • PEGI Rating: 12
  • Players: 1-6
  • Download size: 4.1 GB
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Price: £19.99
  • Back in 1995 the original worms was released, I spent many hours day and night playing it over and over, I played a few of the sequels which followed over the years seeing all of the changes that had been made, with that being said i’ve been excited to get my hands on Worms WMD offering up some new features along with its classic gameplay.

    It features a single player campaign mode which has a total of 30 levels that increase in difficulty. Multiplayer for up to 6 players both local and online. The single player campaign doesn’t have a story, just a selection of levels that have a brief description, and a handful of objectives to complete. In all it should take just a few hours to complete, maybe more if you want to go back through and complete all of the objectives. Multiplayer features as mentioned above both online and local play, with customisable private matches and ranked online.

    Worms W.M.D also has the classic character customisation menu too, where you can name your team and each worm within it. You can also dress them up in different outfits, give them different speechbanks, victory dances, gravestones and fanfares. There’s not a lot of choice to begin with unless you pick up the All-Stars edition which includes a host of custom items from different game franchises such as The Escapists, although you can unlock new custom items from levelling up in both single player and multiplayer.

    worm wmd Screenshot 2016-08-20 14-07-11

    New features within Worms WMD include, crafting, buildings and vehicles.

    Crafting – You now have the opportunity to make new weapons when you have collected craft crates within a level, you can also dismantle a weapon to give you the parts required to craft new weapons, you are able to craft any of the standard weapons and also 80 additional weapon variations you can craft to. Crafting is fairly simple, simply press B to open the weapon selection menu, scroll along with RB and select the weapon you would like to craft as long as you have the correct parts required. A nice touch to this is being able to craft a weapon when your enemy is taking their turn as crafting weapons takes one turn to complete.

    Buildings – For the first time Worms has buildings! You are able to enter buildings, once you are inside you can see the layout and move around freely, your opponent will not see the inside of the building unless they are also in it, this makes for great strategy when taking cover and wanting to take a quick breather from all of the action.

    Vehicles – Worms WMD gives you 3 vehicles to choose from, these are simply enterable by approaching them and pressing the Y button, you can choose from the following:

    Tank – aided by its armor and barrage of explosive shells the tank seems unstoppable it’s agility is a lot quicker than a worm walking and it’s ability to jump and double jump mean getting around the playing field is a breeze.

    Mech – A mobile armoured mechanical suit with a rocket booster powered jump and glide ability, it’s offensive weapon is an impressive ground pound which can be deadly to the enemy

    Helicopter – the least armoured vehicle available, this does offer full freedom of the skies with a high powered chain gun hanging below it that can make short work of groups of enemies

    worm wmd Screenshot 2016-08-20 16-15-20

    At it’s core Worms WMD still offers the classic gameplay that’s been the staple of the franchise throughout the years the addition of crafting weapons, vehicles and buildings freshens it up somewhat adding additional strategy to the gameplay, Worms WMD is better played with other players as the AI can sometimes feel a bit indecisive at what it would like to do during its turn, switching between weapons constantly for 10+ seconds before making its mind up. I often found the AI would skip its turn constantly when they only had one character left on the map. Visually Worms W.M.D looks great, going back to having 2D hand drawn landscapes that are full of detail suits the game very well as does the comical voice over of the characters.

    A download code was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 9
    Graphics 8.7
    Audio 7.7
    Replay Value 8.5
    Value for Money 7.5
    Worms W.M.D

    Summary: Worms WMD brings the classic Worms gameplay and gives it a little twist with it’s added vehicles, buildings and weapon crafting ability. Single player is best played in short sessions, with the best experience being in the multiplayer, grab some mates and waste each other!

    • Classic gameplay spiced up with new features
    • local and online versus modes
    • A.I can be indecisive

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