WWE 2K17 Review

WWE 2K17 is the latest wrestling game in the series from 2K games, this time bringing the biggest roster to date, as well as bringing back backstage and arena brawls, along with new features to MyCareer and Creation Suite. Does WWE 2K17 lay the smackdown this year? Read our review below to find out..

  • Dev: YUKE’S
  • Pub: 2K
  • Release Date: 11/10/16
  • PEGI Rating: 16
  • Players: 1-6 local 2-6 online
  • Size: 43.6 GB
  • Genre: Sports
  • Price: £54.99
  • Firstly WWE 2K is a game series that changes little by little with every new game that is released as for most games like this there are obviously good things and bad things that have been added or haven’t changed at all or slipped backwards. Even though there is a few negative things about WWE 2K17 it will still have you yearning for what the next game will include.

    The most important thing about a wrestling game is whether or not it feels like wrestling. Yukes have changed the pace from the last two WWE 2K games from slower to slower again and this is a good thing as it makes it feel more impacting when you pull off a move or reversal this brings us on to the new systems added. There are new ways to help stop the constant worry of both other opponents in a multi-person match, this is with the new Roll-Out system, when one person within a multi person match takes a large amount of damage they are forced to get out to ringside till they have at least recovered to a point where they can do something influential to the match.,


    If this is ignored and you rush back in with no stamina you may risk letting the opponent win by pinfall or submission quite easily. Leaving it till you are recovered also gives you a temporary buff to your character. This system that has been added by Yukes has made WWE 2K17’s multi-person matches feel like a real WWE match as you don’t see them all fumbling inside the ring all match and can make the fight not last too long which is was a problem before this new system was added if you were playing online or with people who knew how to play the game to a decent standard, The Roll-Out system also adds a extra layer of depth as you choose what to do which wasn’t there before.

    Besides this update to WWE 2K17, Yukes have finally brought back backstage brawl and fighting inside the crowd. You can play a separate brawl where you can only win through a KO or you have a No DQ match that can lead into a backstage brawl. There are a few backstage areas that have items that you can interact with and a few OMG moments that can be used against your opponent. Taunting has been changed from a spam way to gain your finisher while your opponent is down and to gain stamina, to a tide changing possibility that can give you temporary damage boosts and momentum increases for a limited time. Yukes have changed taunts into a useful and creative way of making you feel even more influential to the match and letting you role play your character even better so using a taunt that gives you a slight damage boost before doing a finisher is even more effective and makes it feel even more like a real wrestling match.


    A system that was added last year was the ‘major reversals’ the timing window was so minute that you would have to almost master the timing for it to be any use being there but Yukes have changed this timing and it is more of a reasonable reversal timing as in the last 2k game you get a small boost for offence and removes the ability for your opponents to do reversals for themselves. Chain wrestling has been tuned down to be less of a role at the beginning of a match as the fanbased has wished for this change to have happened. The submission system has been slightly changed it is still the rotating wedges but they are easier to control making it feel like you are having a effect and are actually able to do the submission and not lose control of the wedge. The older controls for the submission has came back to enabling the people who wish to button mash can now do so i haven’t came across anyone online who has gone with the other submission controls so im not too sure how it would work.

    The MyCareer mode has changed with superstar interactions and your character deciding if he will be a face or heel; there are many decisions you can take but the main issue i have with the new additions is the talking when you are doing a promo or talking to another superstar you dont say what you actually choose as your character mouths a different and random bunch of words, to me this is pre 2k11 and it becomes frustrating when you have a scene that takes ages and there is no noise just silence while people mouth nothing at each other, to me if there was some sort of voice acting it would make the game feel so much more up to date and it would make 2k17 better on a whole other level.


    The actual character creation on the other hand is so much better than the previous and with newer materials and designs to make your character look how you want with the ability to move facial parts around to go back to a time where you could do whatever you want to make a abomination of a character. The arena creation has also been massively recreated allowing you to do almost whatever you want. You can also tell the graphical difference between 2k16 and 2k17 and it looks a lot better with the character models and the animations with the new moves that have been added are as good as the others.

    A physical copy of the game was provided for this review by the developer/publisher
    Gameplay 8.5
    Graphics 9
    Audio 8.8
    Replay Value 8.5
    Value for Money 8.5
    WWE 2K17

    Overall Yukes has done a great job fine-tuning 2k17 into what it is and changing the submissions, pace and adding the roll-out mechanic is making the game feel like wrestling and I feel that by next year the new additions in MyCareer need to be changed or be updated to what they really should be.

    • Good visuals
    • More moves
    • Great control system
    • MyCareer is worse than before
    • Lack of voice acting
    • Showcase has been removed

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