Xbox One Game Releases 20th – 24th Feb 2017

Here’s what games are releasing this week (20th – 24th Feb) on Xbox One, along with their prices, game descriptions, link to our preview video and link to the Xbox store page (where possible).

Tuesday 21st February


Price: £7.99/$9.99 Description:
Find a vaccine for your infected friend before the time runs out, but be aware your friend will relapse sooner or later and you will have to find a new vaccine in a new randomly rebuilt house. Will you be able uncover the mystery to save your friend once and for all!?Vaccine is a new approach on Survival Horrors inspired by those of the 90s.
Our preview video is HERE the Xbox store page is HERE

Halo Wars 2

Price: £49.74/$59.99 Description:
Supports Xbox Play Anywhere: yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC at no additional cost. Real-time strategy makes an explosive return to the Halo universe in Halo Wars 2. Lead Spartans, Warthogs and other classic Halo fighting forces in a brutal war against a terrifying new enemy on the biggest Halo battlefield ever.- All-new, Action-packed Story – The heroes of Halo Wars return to find themselves – and the galaxy – in more danger than ever. Following the events of Halo 5, the all-new story is told in action-packed missions set on the legendary Halo destination known as the Ark. Players will strategically command overwhelming firepower in large-scale battles against a terrifying threat facing the UNSC and all of humanity.
Our preview video is HERE Xbox store page is HERE

Wednesday 22nd February

Shift Happens

Price: TBC Description:
Shift Happens is a puzzle platformer focusing on cooperation and with great couch compatibility. At its core the game revolves around the “Shift” and the two protagonists “Bismo” and “Plom”. Bound together by accident, they can shift their masses between each other. If one of them shifts, they both change their sizes: the big gets small and the small one gets big! This core mechanic allows for challenging puzzles and funny interaction between the players. Cooperation and communication is the key to succeed. As an example of possible interactions, the characters can push and pull different sized crates or throw each other around.
No preview video or Xbox store page links available yet.

Zombie Vikings

Price £9.49/$11.99 Description:
From the creators of indie smash hit Stick It to The Man! comes a new one to four-player co-op stab-you-in-the-gut-a-thon. Embark on a dead funny adventure with the Zombie Vikings. A putrid posse sent on a mission through the most epic of worlds to retrieve Odin’s lost eye. Play as the most fearsome Vikings ever raised from Norse soil – Gunborg, Seagurd, Hedgy and Caw-kaa. Hack through the gingerbread swamps of Molgaga! Cruise through the intestines of the Midgaard Serpent! Fight giant poultry!
No preview video or Xbox store page links available yet.

Sublevel Zero Redux

Price £14.99/$19.99 Description:
Sublevel Zero Redux is a first-person roguelike six-degree-of-freedom shooter set in a universe where reality is falling apart. Take control of a lone gunship pilot whose mission is to loot and craft ancient technology. Descend into a vast underground facility, fighting through procedurally generated zero gravity environments to recover the technology you and your clan need to survive.
No preview video or Xbox store link available yet.

Friday 24th February

Bokosuka Wars II

Price: £11.99/$14.99 Description:
Defeat the tyrant King Ogereth!”Free your allies and lead your armies to invade the Basamu Empire!More than 30 years ago “Bokosuka Wars” captured the minds of 80’s game enthusiasts across the globe. Now, an official sequel is finally here for Xbox One!We’ve taken the original style and flair of the original, and added a range of great new features including dynamic stages, a third warring nation, a new character “Hero”, and a 2 player co-op mode. This is the definitive sequel to the original classic!
No video preview available Xbox store page is HERE

Riptide GP Renegade

Price £8.39/$9.99 Description:
Riptide GP: Renegade drops players into a futuristic world of illicit hydro jet racing, where armored riders kick out death-defying stunts over massive waterfalls, outrun cops, and boost at breakneck speeds across surging waves. With a deep career mode and both split screen and online multiplayer, Riptide GP: Renegade is the first game in the popular racing series designed especially for modern consoles.
Preview video is HERE no store page available yet.

A Pixel Story

Price TBC Description:
A Pixel Story is at its heart a game developed by a team of graduates who love games. Inspired by platformers and puzzle games old and new, A Pixel Story sees players trying to journey to the core of a giant computer system to save the world, making use of the games core mechanic, a unique magical hat that allows the player to place it in any location and teleport back to it, with new layers being added on to increase the complexity throughout the experience. Players must use their witt and skill to overcome the range of challenges put in front of them if they are to reach the core of “The System” and save the world.
No preview or Xbox store page links available yet.

Trulon: The Shadow Engine

Price £14.99/$19.99 Description:
Enter a world of steampunk and magic by experiencing the debut title of the Trulon series. Trulon: The Shadow Engine is an adventure RPG with a unique card combat system. Battle enemies mutated by magic as you explore the kingdoms of peaceful Tripudia and dangerous Maelon. Unravel the threads of an insidious plot and uncover dark secrets to help bring an end to the mysterious disease threatening Tripudia.
Our preview video is HERE no Xbox store page available yet.

Chime Sharp

Price £7.99/$9.99 Description:
Place pieces, paint the board, make music. Chime Sharp is an sequel to 2009’s Chime, a music puzzle game with an addictive, ambient heartbeat. You tessellate shapes to cover a grid, while a beatline reads those shapes as notes. As you cover the board the music builds to a beautiful crescendo of your own design. The only way to discover Chime is to play it, but if you want a glimpse, consider what it might feel like to cross Tetris, a music sequencer and a hypnotic dream about your favourite pop song.Chime Sharp takes Chime’s classic dynamic and updates it for 2015. The core rules are the same but the aesthetic is clean and modern and the game’s soundtrack has been completely refreshed. With sixteen new levels, experimental modes, new-era connectivity and sharper ways to play, Chime’s finally back — and it wants to be your new favourite mixtape.
No preview video available yet. Xbox store page is HERE

Warhammer Quest

Price £23.99/$29.99 Description:
Based on the classic tabletop game, Warhammer Quest is an addictive mix of role-playing and strategy. Lead your group of brave adventurers through the perilous dungeons of the Warhammer World in the search for wealth and glory! Level up your party of heroes. Loot weapons, armour and mysterious artefacts from fallen enemies. Crush Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and more ferocious enemies! What perils lurk in the darkness? Only the mightiest warriors will survive.
No preview video available. Xbox store page is HERE


Price TBC Description:
forma.8 is a unique take on the proven Metroidvania action-adventure formula, with a striking visual style and a huge world to explore.As the small exploration probe forma.8 you’re stranded alone on the surface of an alien planet. Separated from your companions by accident you have a life or death mission to accomplish: find and recover a lost, powerful energy source before it’s too late. Ancient civilisations, great perils and dystopian visions await you. And not everything is what it seems…- Explore a huge, open world full of secrets- Solve ancient mysteries- Gain new power-ups to progress in your adventure- Fight deadly enemies and face powerful bosses- Delve into a deep and cryptic lore- Beautifully hand-drawn vector graphics, presented in silky smooth 60fpsAre you ready to uncover the truth?
Preview video is HERE Xbox store page is HERE

We are the Dwarves

Price TBC Description:
‘We Are The Dwarves’ is an addicting gameplay game with unique setting and story. Opposite to the real Universe we know, everything is inverted here: the void is replaced by endless stone, where life exists only in gigantic caves enlightened by bright Stars. These Stars have special powers, that are strong enough to change physical laws and give life. Dwarves use Stars as the Cores for Dwarf Kingdoms.
No preview or Xbox store page available.

Game releases are subject to change and may vary depending on region. Some games are not announced until day of release and therefore this list may not be complete.

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