Xbox One Media Remote Review

Xbox One Media Remote

When the Xbox One was launched it bragged about being not only a great gaming console but a media centre that would not be out of place in everyone’s sitting room, with that said they eventually brought out a Media Remote!

Now this came out back in March 2014 and I have said for a long time that I would purchase one, whenever myself and the missus are watching a DVD or Netflix etc. one of us always ends up knocking the Xbox controller and skipping forward or back, over time this has become a pain so Christmas 2015 I was surprised with one as a present. At first I thought it’s just an extra £20 Microsoft have managed to get out of me and wouldn’t be much good! To put it simply I was wrong. I’ve always been one for accessories on my consoles and this well made controller with it’s smooth, sleek design is a must-have for anyone who uses their console to watch any sort of media etc. With its simplistic design and bright back-light it’s easy to see all of the buttons even when in a dark room, in addition to that it lights up when in motion. Another nice little design feature, are the raised buttons, all of the main buttons on the product are easy to find, for example the volume buttons, and the “Select” button are all raised, which makes guiding your way around the remote a lot easier.


Like everything, you will always find some negatives with a product, with the Media Remote, it’s biggest downfall is, it has to be in line of sight with the Xbox for it to function, because it is not connected by Bluetooth or Wifi, like other products out there such as Amazon Fire TV. That would have been a nice little feature if you were not in view of your console. Another feature that could have been improved is the buttons on the remote, some of them are quite self explanatory, but others, unless you have a background in gaming, won’t know what the buttons mean. Perhaps having “Home” or “Menu” would have been better suited for the non gamers, or general users in the house.

Value for money 7
Quality 8.5
Features 6
Xbox One Media Remote

Overall, I think the Xbox One Media Remote, is a nice little addition to your Xbox One accessories. With an affordable price tag and nice sleek design, I would recommend this remote for anyone who uses their console to play any type of media, or for those who use it in a family environment and need a easy-to-use controller for their Xbox One.

  • Bright backlight
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Has to be directly pointed at the Xbox One console

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