XGR @ EGX Part 1

2016 is Xbox Gamer Reviews first time at EGX, taking place in Birmingham or Brimingham if you go from the spelling on the wrist band! Both Bobby and Russ attended the event with the intention of going Thursday – Saturday. However, with very little from Microsoft on show other than Gears of War 4, we managed to see everything that we thought would be interesting for our readers during Thursday alone.

The best part for us at least was meeting the teams behind the games in the Rezzed section, and so we’ll be showing the one’s that piqued our interest in the following posts starting right here;

Mantis Burn Racing

We had actually made an appointment to see Mantis Burn Racing in the week prior to EGX, so as the doors opened we made a bee-line to their stand where we managed to get hands on with the game, and a chat with Creative Director Shaun Read.

Bobby: we managed to play through a race on mantis burn racing which had a micro machines feel to it, it was surprisingly responsive with a variation of camera views to suit your needs, i can see this being an addictive little multiplayer game to challenge your friends on, you don’t have to take it too seriously although i don’t think that will stop most of you.

Russ: I thoroughly enjoyed playing Mantis Burn Racing, as an old school gamer it was great to see the static camera that was in so many of the classic top down racers, alongside the modern, highly detailed visuals. I also like the idea of the RPG style upgrade system and how it works, the multiplayer will be a blast both local and online. One to keep an eye on..

Mantis Burn Racing will feature an RPG style upgrade system for vehicles, local multiplayer (4 player) and online multiplayer (8 player) check out the images, video & website link below for more.



Snake Pass


So after a little look around to get our bearings and plan our day, we decided to go outside for a little break, and so happened that Snake Pass creator Seb Liese had the same idea. He approached us just outside the main entrance to come and have a look at Snake Pass, just then one of his colleagues collared him to go back inside as he was needed. Anyway, once we had our break, we went back in to check it out. The game is still in early development, but from what was on show it’s looking quite promising, look out for this one in 2017.

Bobby:I managed to play through a level on snake pass, in this time Seb was showing me the ropes, climbing obstacles can be a challenge but once you get your head around it (or snake) you should really enjoy exploring in this game, I wish I could have played more of Snake Pass but sadly only one level was on show to the public.

Russ: After Bobby had a bit of a hands on, Seb took me to one side to show me another level that was much larger than the one that was playable at the event. I was really impressed with what I was shown, there were even some underwater parts to the level that you had to navigate through. A really unique style of gameplay with the character movements and physics combined with it’s 90’s inspired look. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this when it’s released

The brainchild of Seb Liese from Sumo Digital’s inaugural game jam, Snake Pass is a physical action-puzzle game with unique controls for getting around the ever increasing intricate worlds. Check out the images, video and website link below for more.



Jump Stars

We had already heard of Jump Stars a while ago and were quite keen on getting a hands on with the game. We met Creative Director Jordan Morris who gave us a rundown of the game and what it was about. We then played a local multiplayer game mode where we had to work together to score points but could turn on each other at anytime.

Bobby:I’ve been waiting to try Jump Stars for a while now, it didn’t disappoint! I thought it would be best to go for the high score and get our name at the top of the leaderboard but Russ decided to start sneaking sly jabs in which ended up in a fight for the higher score individually, i can see this game creating and ending friendships with a lot of fun in between!

Russ: We started out playing all nicey-nice but the inevitable happened, and we started throwing cheeky punches at each other here and there a battle which I won (obviously). I could see hints of game shows such as Total Wipeout while playing. We had a good laugh while playing, its mix of cooperative and competitive single-screen gameplay is one to watch out for for all you couch co-op fans.

Jump Stars is a game show that takes place in a derelict television studio, led by a deranged host. It will feature 2-4 player same-screen gameplay, 10 unique game modes and 20 playable characters. Check out the video and website link below for more.


Be sure to check out part 2 of our EGX visit. You can keep a look out for it on our Twitter and Facebook.

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