XGR @ EGX Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our EGX 2016 experience. If you missed part 1 be sure to check it out HERE. So continuing on from our previous post where we looked at Snake Pass, Mantis Burn Racing & Jump Stars, we’ll be following suit with some more of the games we checked out in the Rezzed Zone at EGX. So here goes;



After a few back and forth emails between Bobby and PR for Mekazoo Michael Power right up to the first day of EGX (and actually finalising a slot on the day) we swung by the Mekazoo stand. Both of us played at the same time which became an impromptu head-to-head speed run. We got to play a few levels of the game and a chat with Michael and the devs

Bobby: At first I struggled to get used to the controls in Mekazoo, that could have been down to nerves with the full dev team watching me, nevertheless I put on a comical display of swear words whilst I played through a level. The graphics were a lot better than I expected them to be, the game played flawlessly, I can see an appeal for speed runners and platform lovers alike, keep an eye out for it!

Russ: Cracking platformer with lots of detail and flowing gameplay. It took about a minute for me to get the hang of the controls (although I did struggle slightly with the Wallaby’s wall jumping) I like how you’re free to switch between the two ‘Mekanimals’ you have for the level at will. it gives a little something extra to the game, and if you nail the change of characters you get a real good sense of satisfaction at flying through the level. I can see this being a hit with the speed runners. Keep an eye out for it.

Mekazoo is a 2D platformer set in 3D worlds where you control pairs of Mekanimals that have unique abilities to explore and discover the secrets of the Mekanasphere. You’ll encounter many challenges along the way including the Insectoid Army and giant Mekanimal bosses. Check out the video, images and website link below for more.



Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Being honest, we have never heard of Gas Guzzlers Extreme before EGX and we we’re quite keen on getting our hands on it after watching it being played. It’s very close to being released on Xbox One from what we were told by the Iceberg Interactive team, and was actually playable on an Xbox One console, one of the few, if not the only game to be able to do so at the event.

Bobby: A little while back I’d been harping on about a void I had in my life, I wanted a destruction derby style game that also had guns and things to kill, carmageddon was a massive let down and I sat patiently waiting, then at EGX my prayers were answered with gas guzzlers extreme, I was given a first hand look at the game blowing up zombies and other odd creatures, I feel as if gas guzzlers is the underdog of EGX, it’s a shame it won’t have multiplayer on console but that shouldn’t be enough to put you off, check out the trailer below and you’ll see why I was so excited!

Russ: I didn’t actually play Gas Guzzlers Extreme but enjoyed what I saw of it while Bobby had a hands on, I chatted with the team about the game and what’s on offer. It’s a shame that Online has been left out of the Xbox One version, but a decision made after looking at the figures and the amount of online time played on PC compared to the single player didn’t justify bringing the multiplayer over to the One. From what I saw of the game though it is looking quite promising, and dare I say it will be the game to fill the void left by Carmageddon.. Keep an eye on this one it’s coming soon.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a combat racing game featuring 40 tracks and 8 arenas over 7 different environments, power ups to find whilst racing, 18 different vehicles than can be customised, including upgrades, colours, rims and vinyls. Check out the video, images and website link below for more.



Troll and I


Another game we’d not heard much about was Troll and I, Russ had seen a bit of gameplay a few days before EGX but that was all we knew of the game. We sat down to play for about 15 minutes worth of split screen action, and a quick chat with the developers before having to rush off to see Mekazoo.

Bobby: Troll and I caught me off guard, I wasn’t aware of the game until EGX, I was playing as the Troll who had a smash attack and a swipe attack, the main objective was to work together as a team with the human character (played by Russ) the graphics were a favourite of mine and I couldn’t find a fault in the gameplay with the level I played through, I look forward to see how Troll and I turns out once it’s released

Russ: Really intrigued by this title, I’d seen the trailer (which can be found below) a few days before going to EGX and was surprised when I saw it at the show. I liked the Splitscreen gameplay that we experienced, I liked the fact that you must work together to progress through the game, Troll has to pick Otto up and help him reach high ledges as an example. yet another title to keep your eyes on.

Troll and I is a third-person action adventure game featuring a progressive story for both Otto and Troll, varied combat; melee, ranged and stealth. Play as Otto and Troll individually or as a team utilising their unique skills. Check out the video, images and website link below for more.



That’s it for part 2 of our EGX experience, be sure to keep and eye out for part 3 by following us on Facebook and Twitter

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